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Software Developer

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I have comprehensive expertise in implementing and maintaining Java Web application specialising in order management and promising solutions across multiple engagements. I have always been interested in computing and technology and have had the opportunity to make a carrier out of it. I have keen interest in problem solving and solution designing, which reflects in my role across engagements. And hence I have been given responsibility of solution designer very early on in my career path. I really advocate adapting and learning new technologies and methods. I have keen
interest in DB query and reporting as well. I have implemented various tech stack like Kubernetes, Python, Kotlin language and practising node based frameworks. I specialise in creating microservice based application from off the shelf monolith application. I have also participated in service transitioning activities for multiple largescale order management service transition programs involving team located across multiple locations.

Cloud computing and digitization
Amazon Web Services / Google Cloud Platform
Programming Skills
Java / C / Python / Groovy / Object-Oriented Programming
Webapp and enterprise app development
Javascript / React JS / Angular JS / Spring Boot / HTML / CSS / JSON / X
ML / Websphere / Jboss / JQuery / Microservices
MySQL / Cassandra / DB2 / Oracle / Elastic / Postgres SQL
Continuous integration and automation
Git / Jenkins / Kubernetes / Docker / JMeter / Logstash
SQL / Linux / Microsoft Office / Agile (Scrum) / Windows / Jira