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C++ Developer / Application Developer / Aspiring Product Owner

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Ambitious individual, committed to my work and trying my best toimprove myself. My objectives are to become fully independent,and pursuit my goal of becoming a successful person not just in mycareer but in every aspect of my life. I find every individuals part in society critical and thus, ponderingon my own role, I believe that I am to encourage and contributeto the development of technology as, in my mind, it is clearly thenext step our society must take in order to take part in a much morecomfortable, controllable and reliable world.





  • Current Company 2017 - Present

    Application Developer

    Providing consultancy regarding work related task automation, systemsdevelopment and outsourcing. Please contact me for further details regarding potential work.

  • Continental 2019 - 2020

    Product Owner

    Tasks: Team management, Agile Scrum, Work-package estimation, analysisand delivery, Requirementwriting and Test strategies, Technical discussions with Clients, Documentation writing, Web Development Tools used: Microsoft Teams, IMS/MKS (Version control), Visual Studio 2015,Microsoft Visio, Microsoft PlannerProgramming languages: C++Experience in: Boost libraries, COM, Windows Services, Networking (TCP/IP),Cross platform development, Callback functions

  • Anonym 2017 - 2019

    Software Developer

    Development in C++ in ADAS Projects mainly focused on:-> genICam cameras integration-> raw data analysis-> product lifecycle management-> coaching and mentoring Tasks: Issue Analysis, Debugging, Issue development, Module IntegrationTools used: IBM DOORs, IMS/MKS (Version control), Visual Studio 2015Programming languages: C++ Experience in: Boost libraries, GenICam, COM, Windows Services, Image dataacquisition Other activities: Trainer (Project Module Development, C/C++ Programming),Coaching and mentoring.

  • Skimmelfrit ApS 2016 - 2018

    Full Stack Developer

    Provided consultancy regarding the automation of various specific work relatedtasks.As the client requested, I have developed work tracking and reception systemconsisting of an application deployed acrossseveral tablets used by Skimmelfrit ApS tailored specificaly to the requirementsof the client, a cloud server which consists ofa database and a server routine to handle client-server interaction.The application had been developed using Java.The server consists of a MySQL database and a python routine that providesthe interface to the database.

  • Continental 2015 - 2016

    Software Engineer

    2 years 2 months Contributions to measuring and testing software used by the company.Working with Visual Studio 2012 using C++ my main tasks involved bug-fixingand implementing various small to middle scale requirements.

  • Anonym 2015 - 2016

    DXL Scripting Developer

    As part of the Development process me and the team I was part of used IBMDOORS as our requirements management application. By using the internalscripting tool DXL provided by DOORS my main tasks involved automatingvarious procedures, such as centralizing the test results after the testing teamfinished the validation period, developing scripts that create various statisticsfor the software team (i.e. productivity, number of implemented requirementsetc.).These scripts were not part of my job responsibility but proved to be useful andare actively used.

  • Anonym 2014 - 2015

    Junior Programmer

    This is where I first tasted the joy of working in this field. As an intern mymain tasks involved helping my colleagues in various fields such as softwaredevelopment, system testing and automated testing. During my internshipI have been familiarized with Software Development practices and Testingpractices using tools such as TestComplete (for test automation usingJavaScript) and Visual Studio 2012.Using TestComplete I have developed over 20 scripts to automate varioustest-cases and I have developed small testing applications in C++.