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Exploitation and Maintenance Engineer

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  • 2 years ago


Fields of expertise

  • Skill #1: Design and Simulation
  • Skill #2: Maintenance and Exploitation
  • Skill #3: Quality

Technical knowledge

  • Computer tools:

– Pack office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint

– Knowledge of software: ACAD, TelecadGIS (TeleCAD-GIS is a scalable, Autodesk-based, CAD/GIS solution for both national and regional (local) telecommunications infrastructure networks planning, design, documenting and maintenance), Altium Designer, MPLAB X IDE, mikroC, assembler for PIC microcontrollers, MATLAB

  • Methods/tools:


– Measuring and fault location in fiber optic and copper cables,

– Implementation of TDR and OTDR methods on cables under test,

– Underground cable location,

– Audits and inspections,

– PCB design,

– assembler, mikroC,

– Digital Signal Processing using MATLAB,

– Development boards for PIC microcontrollers,

– TelecadGIS for creating telecommunications infrastructure documentation