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Senior PHP Fullstack Developer

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Having over 7 years of experience, I work as a consultant / contractor / freelancer and help companies or individuals implement their web-based solutions, from prototyping and designing to implementing a full-stack web application.

I am passionate about PHP, JavaScript, and cutting-edge technologies and I like to work in an environment that challenges my knowledge, putting the ability of a fast learner to good use.

I have a good experience with Laravel Framework, Vue.js, Automated Testing and I know my way around Docker, Nginx as well as DevOps and other similar technologies.




  • Remote Work 2019 - Present

    Remote Independent Contractor / Software Consultant

    I work as a consultant/contractor/freelancer and help businesses develop their enterprise products.My programming languages of choice are PHP (backend solutions using mainly Laravel framework) and JavaScript (using mainly Vue.js) but I also worked with other PHP/JS frameworks when needed.I am continuously looking for new challenges and self-improvement.

  • Softia 2016 - 2020

    Full Stack Developer

    The client needed a platform that handles all the assets for their products, including API, licensing, curation and dashboard statistics.Successfully lead a 6-person team into designing and implementing • I designed and created a database that can easily hold 2+ million assets, in 67 tables, for about 73k different properties, that sums up about 7TB of storage by using PostgreSQL and Amazon S3 services. • I implemented a search engine that improved by 4x the API response time, going from over a second to about 300ms, by using SOLR • I created an automated module for curation of images that saved about 85k hours of manual work, by using Google Vision and Restb.aiSkills used: PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, Vue.js, NodeJs, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Beanstalkd, Imagick

  • Create Direct 2015 - 2016

    Full Stack Developer

    1. Rewardiful - https://www.rewardiful.com/The client wanted to build an online loyalty platform, that would be easy to customize and adapt to different customers, without the need of a software developer.I reduced the customization process from months of development to 5 minutes, by designing and implementing a template based platform, with a lot of customizable features (color, logo, product list, online payment, user report).Skills used: PHP, Yii2, MySQL, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, nginx, beanstalkd2. Microsoft Social Data Export ToolThe client wanted to centralize all their social media accounts data into one application with the possibility to export it.Reduced the time to generate the \Social media data report\ from 1 week of manual work to 5 minutes, by implementing an app that automatically gathers and aggregates all the data using the social media API’s, and by generated a report (tables & charts) using PHPOffice.Skills used: PHP, Yii2, MySQL, PHPOffice, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, nginx, beanstalkd, phpexcel

  • Freelancer 2015 - 2015

    Full Stack Developer

    MR - https://www.marinareservation.com/The client wanted a marina reservation platform that provides marina owners the ability to add their businesses into the marketplace.I’ve built a powerful marketplace that provides boat owners, travelers and charter companies to book a marina in seconds, a couple of clicks away, without the need to personally go and book it. With over 4200 marinas that you can choose from, the platform has grown as a successful business, that being confirmed by the boatrental.io, a boat rental platform powered by marina reservationSkills used: PHP, Yii2, MySQL, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, nginx, beanstalkd

  • dcs plus 2014 - 2015

    Front-end Developer

    The client wanted a redesign for his application.I’ve built a cross-browser responsive design, from IE8 and Safari to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, making sure that there are no big differences from the old design in terms of structure. That way, the user does not get a hard time finding every piece of information that is needed. Because I did not change the structure, the user experience remains as good as it ever was and the users were not affected by the design change.Skills: Zend Framework, Bootstrap 2, jQuery, HTML, CSS/CSS3, SVN, Google API

  • Zata Corp 2014 - 2014

    Junior Programmer

    The client needed a platform for purchasing unlock codes for mobile phones as simple as possible.I’ve built a simple and intuitive platform that can get you an unlock code for your phone in 3 easy steps. Being a platform for everyone, customers can assure that is pretty simple to use and very effective, as it has almost 1k reviews on platforms like Trustpilot, Trustmamma. Using Bootstrap, the platform I created was responsive so I had the idea to create a simple android application that opens the already finished website, publish it on Play Store, where it has over 100k downloads.Skills used: PHP, Codeigniter 2, MySQL, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, nginx