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  • Linnaeus University 2021

    Introduction to Applied Internet of Things (Summer Course)

    Knowledge about IoT, sensors, and IoT infrastructure Developing an IoT project

  • Stockholm University 2019

    Master’s Program in Decision Analysis and Data Science

    - Specialty in Data Science - Programming for Data Science – 7.5 hp Python programming & design own k-means clustering algorithms - Data Mining in Computer and Systems Sciences – 7.5 hp Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, deep learning and NLP - Big Data with NoSQL DB – 7.5 hp Hadoop ecosystem, NoSQL, HDFS, MongoDB, Spark, MapReduce, Pig - Master’s Thesis – 30.0 hp Distributed Machine Learning on IoT and Embedded Devices, which aims to reduce communication cost by deep neural network and data compression - Other courses: Risk Management, Decision Support Methods, Decision Theory, Analysis of Bases for Decisions, Logic, and Business Analytics.

  • Mälardalen University 2020

    Statistical Analysis in Industrial Systems (Master Course)

    Learn databases, probability & statistics (Regression & ANOVA), data analysis

  • Zhejiang University of Technology 2011-2014

    Master’s program in Chemical Technology – spec. in Petrochemical

    - Research work on Alkylation of aromatics with linear olefins over solid acid catalysts, including deactivation kinetics modeling and simulation - Reward Outstanding Graduate & National Graduate Scholarship (top 5%)

  • Zhejiang University of Technology 2007-2011

    Bachelor’s program in Chemical Engineering and Technology

    - Learn chemistry, chemical engineering, and related chemical technology Design project on carbon dioxide capture, storage, and utilization Graduation project on drying characteristics in circulating fluidized beds - Learn courses on Computer Science and Technology, e.g., C++, Java, SQL Design project on a temperature controller for a furnace using ASM and C Design project on a system for College Major Selection using SQL and VB

  • Linnaeus University 2021

    Starting Out with Java

    Knowledge and skills in object¬oriented programming with Java

  • Stockholm University 2021

    Master’s Program in IT Project Management

    - Project/Portfolio Management, Benefits Realization, Digital Strategy, Digital Transformation, Change Management, e-Government.


  • Luova AB 2018 - 2019

    Technical Consultant

    - Technical consulting & conduct market research on acid retardation resins - Collect data including parameter, price, and shipment of different resins - Develop standard test methods to select the most competitive alternatives

  • Purolite Corporation 2016 - 2017

    Technical Service Engineer

    - Ion exchange media characteristics analysis & troubleshooting for customers - Data analysis and product evaluation for customer’s process in the laboratory - Technical support & coordination for sales and production department - Projects: • Wastewater Recycling & softening before HERO system • Phosphate Binding by Metal Doped Chelating Resin (Lund) • ppb-lever Iodine Removal from Acetic Acid

  • UWNTEK Automation System Co., Ltd. 2014 - 2015

    Sales Engineer

    - Develop business for desulfurization, denitrification, and water treatment - Collect information of previous/current/potential customers and projects - Commissioning using industrial control programming languages (IEC61131-3)