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Hardware Development Engineer & Technical Responsible for QL EMC

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I am a graduate of “Politehinca” University of Timisoara with a bachelor and Master degree in Electrical Engineering. During my studies I have gained skills in designing electrical circuits, high power electrical systems and signal processing. I have good experience in programming with Visual Studio / C# .NET (GUI – Forms) and Python (GUI) language. In my current position as a Hardware Development Engineer & Technical Responsible – Electromagnetic Compatibility I have gained good experience in analyzing electromagnetic fields, tested and monitored Equipment under Test (EUT)
according to test plan specifications from OEMs and in regard with standards (CISPR/ISO) documentation. As side projects I have developed InfoPanels (interactive GUI for Touchscreen monitors) presentation for offices using Python.




  • University „Politehnica” from Timișoara 2014

    Bachelor’s Degree

    Electronics and Mechanical Engineering fundamentals, Electric Machines, Electric Drives, Control of Electric Drives, Power Electronics, C++ Programming. Thesis Project: Dedicated Photovoltaic System for Passive Houses; Other Projects: Design of a Induction Motor – 6th Semester; Synchronization and control of traffic lighting system using PLCs- 8th Semester; LED interfacing with Atmega16 microcontroller – 5th Semester; Design of electric underfloor heating for residential housing – 5th Semester;

  • University „Politehnica” from Timișoara 2016

    Master’s Degree

    Electric power quality - improving power quality issues, optimize power usage, reduce power costs and increase safety and compliance. Power Electronics - control and modeling of power electronic applications which include adjustable speed drives, voltage compensators and photovoltaic inverters. Thesis Project: Data Acquisition and Processing System based on Labview; Other Projects: Advanced control and condition monitoring for PV systems – 3rd Semester;


  • Continental Automotive Sibiu 2019 - Present

    Hardware Development Engineer & Technical Responsible - QL EMC Continental

    Preparing ALSE - every EMC test has particular specifications which are needed to be respected according with CISPR / ISO standards and OEM requests. Testing - depending on the test plan my main task was to stress the EUT (Equipment under test) with different electromagnetic fields. Procedures – Responsible with establishing procedures for Conducted and Radiated emissions, Susceptibility/Immunity tests, conducting and reporting test activities.

  • SC EEE SA 2015 - 2016

    Electrotechnical Engineer - Sales Department

    Contract Management - main task was to maintain and expand customer portfolio. ESD Measurements - my task was to analyze electrostatic charge phenomenon that may occur in automated or semi-automated production zones, to ensure that there is no likelihood of adverse consequences, recommend materials for grounding to limit the electrical charge.


    Electrotechnical Engineer - Sales Department

    Contract Management - main task was to maintain and expand customer portfolio. Compiled, analyzed and reported data for sales trends. Created bid templates for new customers, providing on-going technical support.


Electromagnetic Compatibility