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AI Scientist / Developer

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As a scientist I like to delve into machine learning and AI techniques to find solutions to the problem at hand. In doing so, I aim to deeply understand the application domain as it is essential for the successful use of machine learning. As a (scientific) software developer I find it rewarding to translate ideas and solutions into software.



  • University of Amsterdam 2011

    Artificial Intelligence

    B.Sc. Artificial Intelligence, specialization Machine Learning

  • University of Amsterdam 2009


    M.Sc. Geography

  • University of Amsterdam 2007


    B.Sc. Geography


  • TNO 2017 - Present

    Research Scientist and Developer Machine Learning

    Designing and developing machine learning solutions to applied research projects, mainly in industry, energy and geoscience domains. Other tasks include programming, data processing, visualization and reporting.

  • Utrecht University 2013 - 2017


    Researcher in geomodelling, mainly on combining different modelling techniques.

  • Arcadis / NCIM Groep 2012 - 2013

    Software engineer

    Software engineer at Arcadis outsourced by NCIM Group. JAVA software development for engineering software.

  • University of Amsterdam 2011 - 2012

    Scientific Programmer

    Scientific Programmer. Based on my thesis in A.I. I was temporarily hired as a scientific programmer to implement results from my thesis.