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My experience aligns with the qualification you are seeking. I have earned my educational foundation of Bachelor´s degree with Honours in Electrical Engineering in Lithuania and in the UK which is officially recognized by Iceland’s ENIC/NARIC office.

My computer skills acquired during my studies have given me enough knowledge and enhanced my capabilities to generate productive results which provided clients´ satisfaction. Furthermore, my field of service includes planning and installation of electrical systems, troubleshooting and repair of existing installations in low voltage electrical systems.

Apart from my technical skills, I would like to mention that I am reliable, trustworthy, flexible and punctual. I am communicative and can easily adapt to given context in no time. I am capable of coping with any amount of work pressure and still can deliver the desired results. I fluently can represent a company or organization in a variety of events. I am looking for a new opportunity to work in a long- time perspective.




  • Tengill ehf., Iceland 2020 - 2021


    ➢ Installing RJ-45 sockets, electrical sockets and switches for Landakotsspítala (hospital); ➢ Putting up electrical pipes for cables and wires; ➢ Installing electrical and network cables, smoke detectors, connecting ground connection to the main cable ladder, installing electrical cable channels, installing cables for an emergency calling system; ➢ Interpreting wiring diagram schematics and analyzing blueprints; ➢ Doing inventory of electrical items.

  • Dengsi ehf., Iceland 2020 - 2020

    Head-Master Electrician

    ➢ Working single handedly for an advertisement business company where I was responsible for all projects‘ electrical work; ➢ Connecting and maintaining LED screens in bus stations, modifying electrical boxes, creating database describing components of each bus station, perimeter screens and billboards; ➢ Calculating technical parameters for each project; ➢ Building electrical and network cabinets; ➢ Doing inventory, providing existing project updates and submitting reports to the CEO of the company; ➢ Connecting test set-ups of billboard screens and building electrical power systems for it; ➢ Coordinating with a power provider when issues arise and working with them in resolving it; ➢ Doing on-call job when necessary.

  • Self-Employed, Iceland 2018 - 2020


    ➢ Fixing electrical installations for private clients; ➢ Providing advices regarding electrical issues.

  • Gaflarar ehf., Iceland 2018 - 2018


    ➢ Electrical installation in a new residential house; ➢ Installing LED strips and having various tasks in Læknavaktin (emergency care unit); ➢ Installing a fire system (fire cables, smoke detectors, magnets) in Suðurbæjarlaug (swimming pool).

  • Leiðir Verkfræðistofa ehf., Iceland 2017 - 2017


    ➢ Building, installing and maintaining payment machines being used for car parking lots and public restrooms; ➢ Installing turnstile machines.

  • Orkuvirki, Iceland 2017 - 2017


    ➢ Assisting on building High Voltage cabinets; ➢ Together with colleagues installing a 5x240 power cable and doing various tasks in geothermal power stations in Krafla and Þeistareykir; ➢ Involved in installing and filtering oil for a 100 kV transformer in Norðural Grundartangi aluminium factory.

  • Self Employed, Lithuania 2010 - 2016

    Computer Technician

    ➢ Installation of operational systems, multifarious programs and consultation according to private customers’ orders.