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Quality Engineer

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  • AGH University of Science and Technology (Cracow, Poland) 2000


    https://www.agh.edu.pl/en/ MSc in Electronics/Telecommunications (Graduation/Diploma thesis on “Testing methods of the U-interface in the Integrated Services Digital Networks (ISDN)”)


  • ORACLE France 2010 - 2020

    quality engineer (automated testing)

    Working in Oracle Cloud domain (Java Cloud Service) as part of OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) and responsible for the following areas: ➔ automating tests in GUI/CLI using various tools (like Selenium / GIT / JIRA /Postman / Jenkins / Hudson / VirtualBox) ➔ maintaining nightly test runs ➔ pre and post integration automated and manual testing (functional / regression) and analysis ➔ using ORACLE Exadata / Exalogic / Oracle DB / Cloud Services ➔ working on Oracle Fusion Middleware platform and testing its services ➔ testing in heterogeneous env : Linux / Unix / Windows / Android ➔ I was particularly engaged in automation of functional testing (shell scripting / JAVA)

  • SUN Microsystems France 2001 - 2010

    quality engineer (manual testing)

    Worked in different (not only quality) domains, in international teams dispersed all over the world I have become an experienced engineer IT environment at my work changed dramatically from MS world to Unix. I have gained experience in each of them. These were my responsibilities: ➔ Quality Assurance (QA): in the End-To-End Testing crew (~30 engineers) of the Java Enterprise System (JES) software ➔ Quality Engineering (QE): worked on testing framework to run and synchronize complex distributed tests in heterogeneous platform environment (multi operating systems testing) ➔ Lab management and network administration: including automated machine OS installations for Unix-like systems using Solaris Jumpstart environment as long as for Linux-like systems using Kickstart environment) + many other tasks like cabling, network diagnosis and troubleshooting, hardware and software maintenance; DHCP, TCP/IP, UDP, FTP, IPv4 protocols knowledge ➔ Quality Assurance/Engineering (QA/QE): writing tests for multiple products targeting SSL/TLS encrypted type of communications like HTTPS ➔ Quality Assurance/Engineering (QA/QE): writing and executing tests for Sun WebStack/CoolStack (Sun Microsystems\' and Solaris world counterpart of Linux LAMP called sometimes SAMP on (open)Solaris or in general AMP for other platforms: Apache + MySQL + PHP) ➔ Software Engineering (SE): not only I was working in testing but also spent some time in more advanced from programming point of view projects like development some testing tools/framework, learning specific software programmer knowledge such as multi-os/platform code writing in various languages (C, JAVA, Perl, Python, Tcl/Tk, Expect) using different compilation environment (make, gmake, automake & autoconf, sun studio, netbeans) kept under diverse source controlling systems (SCCS, CVS, SVN) ➔ Extensive Operating System knowledge: I am familiar and able to work on machines running OS from many vendors and open source communities such as: ○ ○ Windows-like (Win 95/98/XP/NT/2003/2008/Vista) Unix-like (Solaris 8/9/10, HP-UX, IBM AIX)○ ○ ➔ MacOS-like (MacOS X) Linux-like (DEB-based: Ubuntu; RPM-based: Red Hat, SUSE; IPS-pkg based: openSolaris, Milax, Belenix and many others) I have followed many trainings and courses dedicated to subjects like Solaris internals, programming in Windows Shell Host and using its registries, new WEB technologies and creating user interfaces and web applications making use of (X)HTML/JSP/Servlets/JSF/AJAX/DHTML/CSS/ASP/PHP/Perl/CGI


ISTQB CTFL - Certified Tester Foundation Level (2013)
ISTQB CTFL-AT - Certified Tester Foundation Level - Agile Tester (2020)
A4Q SELENIUM - Certified Tester Foundation Level (2020)