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Software developer (Java)

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I am a computer scientist. I am a meticulous, analytic and flexible person with a passion for programming, I am currently looking for an opportunity which allows me to enhance my professional growth through new challenges in a dynamic environment. I moved to Freiburg Im Breisgau in September 2018, place in which I currently work and live.

I have always been the type of person who likes to learn and experiment new things. This attitude in my student years translated into engaging in different kind of jobs and activities which allowed me to improve my technical expertise and acquire a good base of soft skills, such as problem solving and communication skills. In my free time I enjoy jogging, gardening, doing bricolage, training at the gym and practicing kung fu; I am keen on motorcycles, I love outdoor activities and reading, especially books about science in general and physics in particular. In the past I was an active volunteer for several associations, like the Italian Red Cross as first aid rescuer, and I am currently a blood donor.

After graduating with honors from the Bicocca University in Computer Science (M.Sc.), I started working at CEFRIEL, a computer science research and consulting company. Here I had the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and to work on projects for international customers with SCRUM agile method, as well as to improve my proficiency related to Java, relational DBMSs, frontend and backend development. Thanks to the team projects I was involved in, I learned to organize my work independently whilst being a good team player who faces unexpected events and new challenges with enthusiasm and positivity.

Pushed by the wish of new challenges and looking for a fully satisfying lifestyle, in 2018 I moved to Germany. Here I work for OXYGEN Technologies, a software house involved in the green energy field. Thanks to the company policy based on the usage of SCRUM and other methods such as pair programming, in OXYGEN I developed my relational skills as well as my ability to be a flexible and proactive team player. Moreover, because of some really specific tasks I was asked to take in charge, I also had the chance to learn how to work independently, with just the feedbacks provided me by my project manager.
In OXYGEN I enhanced my proficiencies regarding backend and frontend development with Java/JavaFX and I gained new skills on tools like Spring, Git, Sonarqube and Jenkins; thanks to this experience I discovered an interest for the CI tools, which pushed me to propose myself for being in charge of maintaining and developing Jenkins and the related pipeline.

I find interesting to be in touch with other people, particularly if from other cultures, face new challenges and acquire knowledge, reason why I’m not afraid to commit to new projects and take new responsibilities.

Should you like to know more about me you may contact me via email or we can schedule a phone call.



  • Bicocca University, Milano, Italy 2014

    Master\'s degree

    Master\'s degree in Computer Science. Final grade: Full marks with honours

  • Insubria University, Como, Italy 2011

    Bachelor\'s degree

    Bachelor\'s degree in Computer science. Final grade: Full marks with honours


  • OXYGEN Technologies 2018 - Present

    Software developer

    Maitenance and development of a GUI for monitoring and control energy devices (Java, Java FX, CSS, HTML, Javascript, Highcharts) Maintenance and development of the backend infrastructure (Java, Spring) Maintenance and development of Jenkins CI pipeline (Groovy) Work Methods: SCRUM, Pair programming

  • Tekne SRL 2017 - 2018

    Software Developer

    Maintenance and development of Healthcare Web applications (Java EE)

  • CEFRIEL 2014 - 2017

    IT Consultant / Software developer

    Frontend and backend maintenance and development of a online video conference system (Java, ActionScript3, MXML, WebRTC, Javascript and HTML5) Development of a online banking portal (Crafter CMS, Freemarker) Work Method: SCRUM

  • VGMania 2014 - 2017

    Entertainer - occasional job

    Customers entertainment during single events and vacations, in Italy and abroad Support in the management of the events organized by the company

  • Lariofiere 2009 - 2014

    Steward - occasional job

    Pavilions surveillance and ticket control during exibitions Technical support for installation and management of electronic devices (computers, tv, sound systems)

  • Zelando 2013 - 2013

    Traineeship - Web developer

    Web developer