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Software Developer

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With 6+ years of experience in programming VBA, I have worked mainly on departments of Energy, namely Electricity, Oil and Gas.

I am constantly looking to improve skills. At the moment my focus are:

  • Programing, like Java and Python.
  • French.
  • Self-improvement.

I am currently doing freelance jobs when available, mainly in VBA.




  • Galp Energia, S A. 2016 - 2019

    Energy Operations Logistics Manager

    • Management of natural gas worth the value of 1 5 B€/year in infrastructures in Portugal Spain and France • Management of 200 M€M€/year spend in transport and storage of gas for Portugal, Spain and France, leveraging above the market efficiencies • Trading of 300 M€/year of gas to supply Portugal and Spain • Supervision on 24 7 basis ensuring continuous gas supply by anticipating, solving and escalating incidents based on contingency plan • Design and integration of an IT solution for Commodity Trade and Risk Management ( • Creation of mathematical model to optimize the transport allocation of gas, achieving 10 of cost savings and reducing 60 of processing time for the team • Programming of real time data acquisition for gas level readings, lowering the risk of supply rupture

  • Galp Energia, S A. 2014 - 2021

    Instrumentation Control Engineer

    • Design and implementation of technical solutions in Electricity, Control and Instrumentation for projects over 0 5 M€ in our oil refinery, to meet new compliance standards • Overall project planning and end to end implementation, including material procurement strategy • Technical analysis of suppliers to execute new projects in coordination with Procuremen t team • Development of a complete business case of 3 8 M€ project to expand the production and storage capacity of the liquefied petroleum gas facilities, assessing material cost, head counts and working shifts

  • Galp Energia, S A. 2013 - 2014

    Energy Pricing Specialist

    • Development and optimization of pricing models for electricity consumption in Portugal • Creation of a centralized and dynamic pricing database, allowing for higher accuracy to assess proposals • Implementation of a segmentation approach based on consumption profiles, i mproving forecast accuracy

  • INESC-ID 2011 - 2012

    Researcher on Real time Modelling

    • Creation of algorithms and mathematical methods for video recognition capable of working in real time • Publications of four papers in total, in journals and conferences


Natural Gas Logistics
VBA Coding