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Maintenance Engineer (Electrical)

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A Masters qualified electrical / energy engineer and environmental consultant specialized in EU Directives / Environmental Policies with strong skills and experience in renewable energy, environmental management, and sustainable development projects.



  • Wageningen University 2017

    Master of Science: Environmental Sciences. Major: Environmental Policy. Grade: 7.2 / 10

    Main courses involved: Environmental Management & Industry, Advanced Environmental Economics & Policy, Environmental Quality & Governance, Economics and Management of Natural Resources, Principles & Research Methods of Environmental Sciences, Academic Consultancy Training, Sociological Perspectives on Environmental Change

  • Faculty of Engineering - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki (Greece) 2011

    Bachelor and Master Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering (5-year degree MEng.). Major: Energy. Grade: 7.64 / 10

    Main courses involved: Applied Mathematics, Applied Thermodynamics, Automatic Control Systems, Calculus, Computer Architecture, Computer-Aided Design, Digital Systems, Electric Circuits, Electric Machines, Electric Measurements, Electric Motion Systems, Electric Power Systems, Electrical Economy, Electromagnetic Field, Electromagnetic Wave Propagation, Electronics, Heat Transfer, High Voltage Engineering, Introduction to Energy Technology, Materials for Electrotechnics, Power Electronics, Power Plants, Programming, Structured Programming ©, Theory and Technology of Nuclear Reactors MEng. Thesis Report: Translation of the book Energy Risk Management - Hedging Strategies and Instruments for the International Energy Markets by Peter C. Fusaro into the Greek language. Supervisor: Mr. Pandelis Biskas, Assistant Professor of AUTh, Education Management. The book addresses the important issues of worldwide energy price risk management, explains general theories and practices for hedging risk, and specific methods to effectively manage risk in markets such as coal, natural gas, electricity, hydropower and others. The hedging tools involve futures and options, forwards and spreads.


  • Albemarle Corporation, Amsterdam North (the Netherlands) 2020 - 2021

    Electrical & Instrumentation Maintenance Engineer (40h / week)

    I am responsible for the maintenance of electrical and instumentation equipment of the factory and its emmission points in particular. Moreover my work involves projects that are related to the following activities: - Improving overall equipment efficiency, namely the optimization of the reliability and availability of installations. - Evaluation and optimization of maintenance concepts, strategies, laws, regulations and calculations. - Supporting the management of projects. - Advising colleagues to improve the quality of production & maintenance process. - Ensuring compliance with the company\'s environmental and safety regulations. - Supporting the management of change.

  • Siemens Netherlands N.V., Leiden (the Netherlands) 2019 - 2020

    Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer (40 h / week)

    I have worked for Siemens Heat Transfer Technology (HTT) company on a South Korean project (Yeoju) regarding boiler installations. I was responsible for the selection of electrical and instrumentation components. I was in frequent contact with design engineers, QC department and supply. My activities involved: • Making technical specification reports and technical datasheets for parts that are purchased from sub-suppliers and evaluating offers. • Ensuring the correct implementation of the contractual requirements and checking the documentation. • Creating Vendor Document Requirement Sheets (VDRS) as well as Bills of Materials (BOM) for components such as electric actuators, control valves, local instruments, attemperators, level switches, pressure transmitters, flow devices,etc. • Attending trainings concerning database use, directories structure, P&ID drawings (Process & Instrumentation), Instruments, Aircraft warning lights (AWL), KKS coding, Plant Project Document Management (PPDM) and Document review.

  • Van der Meer & Van Tilburg, Amersfoort (the Netherlands) 2018 - 2018

    Environmental Consultant (40 h / week)

    I have worked for Van der Meer & Van Tilburg business consulting company (13 members) on the European Bio4Products project. It is a Horizon 2020 project that aims to make use of bio-resources such as straw, bark, forest residues and sunflower husks for a more environmentally-friendly future. My activities involve: • Studying the Innovation Action European Commission document on biomass and Fast Pyrolysis Bio-Oil (FPBO) in order to identify possible market for the use and sale of Bio-Oil. • Conducting literature research to identify new applications of Bio-Oil in terms of energy, platform chemicals and its substitution in end products such as roofing material and engineered wood. • Developing materials for an information session in partnership with Greenovate!, Btg (Biomass Technology Group), E4tech, Capax Environmental Services with our partner companies in the Brussels conference March 2018.

  • ATLANTIS Consulting (Cyprus) Ltd, Thessaloniki (Greece) 2016 - 2017

    Intern Environmental Consultant (40 h / week)

    I worked at Altlantis Consulting (Cyprus) Ltd (9 members) on the European REMEB MBR project (Recycled Membrane Bioreactor). It is a Research & Development project in the framework of the call H2020-WATER-2014. My activities included: • Studying the market uptake of this technology in Greece and analyzing the market in terms of regulatory, administrative, technical requirements, size and sector distribution. • Collecting data through structured interviews and e-mails / phone calls on present wastewater treatment methods, operation and maintenance, environmental performance, future investments, purchasing processes and procedures for four Municipalities and four industries. • Conducting feasibility studies of REMEB MBR in the industrial sector as well as urban Wastewater Treatment Plants.

  • Wageningen University (Environmental Systems Analysis Group - ESA), Wageningen (the Netherlands) 2016 - 2016

    Student Assistant in Wageningen University (6 h / week)

    I worked for ESA group on the course Principles of Environmental Sciences. My role included leading two groups of five and six students which included teaching them how to write group assignments, develop relevant presentations and work together in a collaborative environment.

  • Wageningen University (Environmental Policy Group - ENP), Wageningen (the Netherlands) - Larisa (Greece) 2015 - 2016

    MSc. thesis researcher in the Environmental Policy Chairgroup (40 h / week)

    I conducted my MSc. thesis research in collaboration with the Decentralised Administration of Thessaly and Central Greece as well as National Marine Park of Alonissos Northern Sporades (NMPANS) stakeholder. Master Thesis Report: Towards Dive Tourism Development in the Greek Marine Protected Areas - Exploring the Policy Arrangements and the Entrepreneurial Potential of a Case Study Supervisor: Prof.dr.ir. JPM (Jan) van Tatenhove, Personal Professor Marine Governance, Department of Social Sciences, Environmental Policy. I researched the development of dive tourism in Alonissos Marine Park, the obstacles that delayed its evolution, the potential of local market actors to establish a market-based Park in terms of management and funding. I used the policy arrangements approach (PAA) to operationalize research questions into interview questions. I identified and analyzed the four dimensions of the PAA (actors, discourses and programs, resources and influence, rules of the game) and their interrelations. The analysis started from the discourses dimension and continued to explore influences on the other three dimensions.

  • Decentralized Administration of Thessaly and Central Greece, Larisa (Greece) 2013 - 2013

    Administrative Associate Professional in the Office of Agricultural Development (40 h / week)

    I updated the cultivation permits of farmers in the suburbs of the Municipality of Larisa. I issued relevant permits to supply electricity for anti-hail field systems from the Public Power Corporation, Tax Office and Town Hall. Ten anti-hail systems were successfully installed to prevent crop destruction.

  • Rodos Air Force Detachment / Hellenic Tactical Air Force 2008 - 2009

    Soldier in the Greek Airforce (40 h / week)

    For a three month period, I participated in military emergency exercises such as fire cases and patient transport. I managed civilian and military files such as travel warrants, transfers and arranged food supply for the base.