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Agile Project Manager

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I’m an Agile Project Manager driven by challenges. I have experience in creating MVPs and collaborating with designers, engineers and senior executives to deliver innovative solutions. My goal is to empower people and help them dig into their own potential.




  • Huru Systems 2018 - 2021

    Agile Project Manager

    Agile Project Manager at Huru Systems, a Blockchain-based supply chain management platform. Accomplishments: - Migration from the Waterfall model to Scrum - Increased team performance through servant leadership - Stakeholder stewardship for efficient requirement elicitation and prioritization - High quality delivery - Effective adaptive planning and risk management - Fast project rollouts

  • Huru Systems 2018 - 2018

    Back-End Developer

    Development of the factory module of Huru Systems. Accomplishments: - Use of Python and IoT devices for factory automation and process control - Stakeholder collaboration for requirement elicitation