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I am a practical and versatile french engineer dual skilled in both Mechanical and Oil and Gas refining Process Engineering. My strong dedication to human relations and my on-site abilities led me to work worldwide as Commissioning and Technical adviser in a field I turned to be expert in (Catalytic Reforming). My curiosity drove me through different countries of Central and Eastern Asia to learn about their cultures and differences.
Deeply concerned by the environmental situation, I want to head my career toward a domain where I could humbly contribute to energy transition.

My experience :

* I started in Oil Refining Industry as a Process Engineer, getting expertise on Reforming Process.
My good interpersonnal skills and my technical ease on-site, led me to be often dispatch for training and technical assistance (either in troubleshooting or Pre/Commissioning phases).

* My long haul journey through Asias developped and enhanced my social skills, teaching me about priority, tolerance and flexibility. Professionally, this rich experience offered to easily adapt my behaviour and actions and understand customers needs in multicultural environnements.

* This versatility made it easy for me to settle in China and manage the deparment of Engineering and Projects in a french company branch (EP Asia).
Only technical expert on site, beyond coordinating projects, and managing a chinese PMs and drafters team, I offered a recognized added value to my colleagues and fellow members of executive comitee to chose the company strategy and improve the communication between services.

I seek a position where I could share my technical skills and enthusiasm in a company with strong environnemental values and conciousness coordinnating projects such as cryogeny or clean H2 hydrogen production or processing.