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I am a Chemist with experience in planning, implementing and supporting multi-scale modelling projects in the field of fuel processing technologies which have been aimed at the characterization of materials reactivity, and the elucidation of reaction mechanisms and their catalysis.

Having worked as a researcher and patent specialist, I have had meaningful opportunities to train my critical thinking, develop scientific/technical writing skills along with presentation skills, and complement these with customer-facing skills.

Through several years in the field of Computational Chemistry, I have become competent in large scale data handling and simulation on high performance computing (HPC) environments, scripting in Linux/command-line interpreters, and programming languages (mainly, Fortran and Python).

Deeply moved by the understanding that big data can bring to any project, I am in the process of deepening my knowledge in Git, R, MySQL, Tableau, and Power BI.

If you are interested in knowing how my skills, background and motivations can bring value to your project, let’s connect!