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R&D in microelectronics/nanotechnology for the development of innovative sensors

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In addition with my educational background and my 7-year professional experience in micro-nanotechnology involved in innovative projects inside multicultural and multidisciplinary teams, I want to use my technical skills, determination, creativity and team spirit to develop MEMS sensors for different sectors





  • LAAS-CNRS 2016 - 2020

    Research engineer

    Mission: Design, manufacturing and characterization of electromagnetic passive and wireless sensors for the detection in harsh environmentDuring this experience I was in charge of the development, the manufacturing (in clean room) and the RF characterization of passive and wireless electromagnetic sensors for the remote and real-time measurement of different physical parameters such as pressure and dose level of nuclear radiation in radioactive facilities or environments. This type of sensor can also be used in other extreme environments (space, chemically toxic, high temperature, hard to reach areas etc.) where any human being intervention is limited.Main task: - Development of zero-power RF (23GHz) and wireless MEMS pressure sensors and dosimeters - Development of zero-power MEMS devices for high-doses dosimetry - Work in clean-room, development of manufacturing processes and experimental investigations, interactions with technicians and division managers, process flow generation, management of fabrication batches - Experimental benches development for the RF, radar and mechanical test of circuits and sensors - Study, preparation and machining of polymers (polyethylene) for nuclear dosimetry application - Analytical modelling of devices performances, FEM multiphysic simulations, sensors design - Acting manager of RF characterization roomResults: - Development of a Matlab program for performances analysis and plotting - Achievement of wireless pressure sensors used for tests of new proof-of-concept (dual-polarized passive repeaters for aerospatial application) and new data treatments (for pressure extraction from echo radar measurements) - Development of an experimental method to extract the irradiation dose from passive MEMS dosimeters - Meetings in international conferences, workshops (EuMW, IMS) and scientific papers writing as main author and co-author (15 articles)

  • CEA-LETI 2011 - 2014

    Research engineer

    My main objective was the develop of a manufacturing technology allowing the 3D monolithic co-integration (i.e. fabrication on the same chip) of NEMS resonators (nano electromechanical systems) with a CMOS electronic circuit for mass spectrometry applications. I was also in charge of the design of new 3D NEMS-CMOS devices, and also of the electrical characterization (DC/AC) of already existed 2D NEMS-CMOS sensors.Mission: Development, manufacturing and characterization of NEMS resonators co-integrated with CMOS circuits for mass sensing applicationTasks: - Development of a 3D above IC co-integration technology for the manufacturing of NEMS-CMOS cells - Work in clean-room, development of experimental investigations, interactions with technicians and division managers, process flow generation, management of fabrication batches - Experimental benches development for the electrical test (DC, AC) of CMOS circuits and NEMS-CMOS cells in open and closed loop configurations - Analytical modelling of devices performances, sensors designResults: - Achievement of the tiniest (3500µm² area) NEMS-CMOS self-oscillating loop from the state-of-the-art (2014) - Development of a co-integration technology used for the manufacturing of different devices (3D NEMS-CMOS relays) - Meetings in international conferences (MEMS, ECS) and foreign university (PUCMM in Dominican Republic); scientific papers writing as author and co-author (12 articles) - Second place poster winner at the conference ULSIC vs TFT 2013

  • CEA-LETI 2011 - 2011

    Engineer (Internship)

    During this experience, I was first in charge of the study and the test measurement of CMOS transistors and circuits used for the manufacturing of NEMS-CMOS systems, in order to validate the capability of the technology used. On the other hand, I performed some electrical characterizations (DC/AC) of NEMS-CMOS devices in open and closed-loop (PLL) cells for the extraction of physical parameters (resonance frequency, sensitivity, Allan variance). These parameters serve for the performances modeling and were compared with the expected value.Mission: Electrical characterization and study of NEMS resonators co-integrated with CMOS circuit

  • Chilab 2010 - 2010

    Engineer (internship)

    My research activity focused on lab-on-chips, and more specifically on the development and study of the permeability of PDMS membranes according to their compositions and thicknesses. These membranes have an interest in the control and evacuation of the amount of air in micro-fluidic systems, which can damage the functionality of the system.Mission: Study of permeability of PDMS membranes for lab-on-chip application


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