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Instrumentation Engineer

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Has more than 15 years of combined experience in the field of engineering mainly as Design Engineer for Offshore, Petrochemical, Oil & gas and Mining Industries.

Handles the complete cycle of Instrument engineering requisition ranging from workshare coordination, engineering datasheets specification, Interdisciplinary interface, sizing calculation, Factory Acceptance, Instrument drawing review and approval for control valves, flow, pressure instruments and nuclear level transmitters (Tracerco nucleonic profiler), Vortex, Magnetic & Coriolis flowmeter.

Knowledgeable in European and international standards such as 2014/68/EU (PED), 2014/34/EU (ATEX), IEC 61511 and IEC 61508 to make sure the instruments we specify are in accordance with these standards.




  • Worley Nederland B.V. 2013 - 2021

    Senior Instrumentation Engineer

    Instrumentation and control systems maintenance engineer for all Groningen Gas Assets focusing on Risk assessments on replaced instruments, studies for instrument adequacy evaluation, Intrinsic Safe Calculations, technical bid analysis and evaluation, repair proposals, Smart Plant Instrumentation (SPI) datasheets and wiring updates, site assurance visit and SAP master data updates. Project Involvements:BP Rotterdam Refinery - Cetane Tank Improver- August 2018 up to August 2019 -Discuss and interact with the client’s technical authority the technical details of the Instruments being handled in compliance with the existing codes and standards.K8-FA-1 Decomplexing Project (Offshore Project) Title: Instrument Engineer Start/End Dates: October 08, 2017 up to August 14, 2018.BP Refinery Upgrade (May 23, 2016 up to October 07, 2017) -Works as Requisition Engineer for Field Instruments such as Control Valves used in HF Alkylation application, On/off valves and flowmeters (Magnetic & Thermal mass). -Discuss and interact with the client’s technical authority the technical details of the Instruments being handled in compliance with the existing codes and standards.ONEgas Decomplexing Project (Offshore Project; October 2015 up to May 22, 2016) -Prepares Instrument Index, Instrument Datasheets for Coriolis Flowmeters, Pressure Relief Valves, Pressure Transmitters & Temperatures Transmitters. Provide/link these instruments to PDMS and Electronic Database. Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)NYNAS CONVERSION PROJECT (Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH, Hamburg, Germany)(April 2015 - September 2015) -Instrument requisition engineer for Guided wave radar level transmitter, DP Level transmitter, Temperature transmitters and assemblies, Level Gauge and Temperature Gauge.Project: On-site assignment at Grijpskerk (Underground Gas Storage) Plant, The Netherlands.(August 2014 - April 2015) Job Function: Building-up As-Built data for the re-instrumentation of the plant. Gather all the existing instrumentation scope to make the existing systems and field instruments the bases of re-engineering the plant. Perform wiring of field instruments via Junction Boxes to the Field Marshalling Cabinet through the use of Smart Plant Instrumentation (SPI – Intools).

  • SK Engineering and Construction 2012 - 2013

    Instrumentation & Control Systems Engineer for Oil & Gas

    Handles Control Valve Engineering for Oil & Gas (New ParaXylene Project): Preliminary sizing calculation, Material Requisition, Technical Bid Evaluation, Vendor Document Review. Handles datasheets for Pressure Gauge, Temperature Gauge& Thermocouple/RTD.

  • Fluor Daniel 2011 - 2012

    Instrumentation Design Engineer

    Project: SADARA: Saudi Aramco & DOW Saudi Arabia DOW RTIP - UPI/SDL & ESS Responsibilities:Control Valve Engineer for Petrochemical project. Perform sizing calculation of control valves (Fisher and Masoneilan), magnetic, vortex, and Micromotion flowmeters. Also responsible for generating Instrument Specification Sheets using Smart Plant Instrumentation INTools (2007, 2009).Project: Minera Lumina Copper Chile Caserones EPCM The Caserones project will produce copper concentrate, copper cathodes and molybdenum concentrate as result of the open mine operation around the mountain “Caserones”. The sulphide ore will be treated through a primary crushing system and then processed in a concentrate plant, which include grinding and flotation. The oxide, mix and low copper grade ores will be transported to leach pads and leached with acid solution. The produced copper solution will be then treated in a SX / EW plant, where the copper will be recovered.Design Engineer for Ultrasonic Transmitters, Radar Level Instruments, Air Manifold Schedule, Pressure and Temperature Instruments, Control Valves and Flowmeter datasheets. Able to analyze and identify Level instrument location and draw Level Sketch using Microstation v8.Responsible for generating Instrument Specification Sheets using Smart Plant Instrumentation INTools (2007, 2009), which includes the following instruments: Ultrasonic Level Transmitters, Radar Level Transmitters, Flow Transmitters, Flow Elements, Control Valves, Pressure Transmitters, Pressure Gauges, Temperature Transmitters, Temperature Elements, Nuclear Level InstrumentsProject: UMM LULU FULL FIELD DEVELOPMENT PROJECT (Oil & Gas) -Accomplished Datasheets for Pressure and Temperature Instruments.

  • Emerson Electric Company - Flow Division 2007 - 2012

    Senior Technical Support Engineer

    Project Engineer: Queensland Curtis Liquefied Natural Gas; SANTOS Gladstone Liquefied Natural Gas; Australia Pacific Liquefied Natural Gas, Transfield Worley. •Prequalification of instruments that will be included on the bid •Perform sizing of primary flow elements (mags, vortex and Coriolis) •Generate project bid and select model numbers based on customers\' provided data. This includes pricing, leadtime identification, and sizing of Instruments for Flow and DP Instruments. •Source out instruments that are not included on the company’s range and raise special order request if needed. •Produce Discount Strategic Form for approval. •Review quotes for technical conformance as in valid model options, configuration ranges and documentation options. •Participate in all aspects of preparing the package and ensure that it is sent to the customer as promised. This includes the technical, commercial and competitive strategy appropriate for the selling opportunity. Have good working knowledge of the company’s quotation tools and pricing policies. •Accomplish data sheets as required by the customer. •Provide support to inside and outside sales representatives in the timely and accurate generations of quotations. •Provide backup and support for Internal Sales Engineers to maintain service appropriate levels. •Clarify Technical Compliance Standards, may be of Australian, European or the United States whichever the customer requires, either AGA, API or ISO 5167 •Others (includes special tasks like pricing/price check, freight calculation, leadtime request, agreements, etc...) •Technical Training Representative - Train Newly hired Engineers Products being handled: MicroMotion Flowmeters, Magnetic Flowmeters, and Vortex Flowmeters

  • Alaska Milk Corporation 2003 - 2021

    Instrumentation Engineer / Technician

    Install, troubleshoot, calibrate, repair and perform preventive maintenance of process instruments such as temperature controllers, ink-jet printers, Programmable Logic Controllers, Vortex flow meters, Magnetic Flowmeters, transducers used in food manufacturing process.