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unior control and instrumentation engineer (C&I) in process plant with background in energy and control system.

As C&I engineer, I have developed my career in several sector such as O&G, Energy and Water under an international environment. On top of that, I am collaborating with “Asociación de Ingenerios de la Energía” as Community Manager, seeking new partner and communication .

I recognise myself as a great professional with high responsibility sense in the whole of project which I have been involved and certainly am open to learn new things as well. I understand that teamwork is very important, in order to achieve project goals, hence I always try to enhance my communication and organisational skill because of being key points.

I think that C&I engineers must consider that the new technologies can help us select the best solution for each project, hence Industry 4.0 and digital transition both are key point in order to enhance our results.