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• Education: Master’s degree in Computer Applications.
• 8+ years of experience in building scalable, complex, and disruption systems and solutions tied with
performance, usability, and integration using the latest technologies. Some of the core examples: AOSP,
Java, Android SDK, Android Frameworks, Kotlin, RxJava, JSON, XML, REST APIs, etc.
• Sound knowledge of Android Architecture and its components.
• Hands-on experience in “Automotive Domain – Connected Car Infotainment”.
• Hands-on experience in “Bluetooth”.
• Hands-on experience on Android Internal Frameworks components along with customization of the existing framework.
• Good knowledge of Agile methodologies, SDLC life cycle, Object-Oriented Design Principles & Design Pattern.
• Good knowledge of OOPS fundamentals.
• Proficiency in full-scale application development on a mobile platform.
• Created a set of digital-enabled and medicine-centric mobile applications on a new-generation platform.
• Experienced in developing medium or large-scale commercial mobile applications.




  • Harman Connected Services 2017 - Present

    Senior Engineer Product Development

    Android Developer: Automotive Division/Connected Car (HMI Development - Infotainment System) - Audio Management, Bluetooth Communication, Android Latin Keyboard, User Profiling.Role: * Responsible for developing and supporting XML layouts for Audio, Keyboard, Bluetooth. * Integrating Software packages from Suppliers for various programs. * Defect tracking and resolving issues within the timeline. * UI development - Good experience with Android studio. * Handle the queries regarding XML and troubleshoot the complex technical XML problems. * Interact and maintain the relationship with the other groups of the company * Responsible for working on the different phases of the life cycle of the software like analysis, designing, development, maintenance. * Ensure the consistency and quality of the systems by using critical processes and procedures. * Answer the queries of the clients and support the software development.

  • Infinite Computer Solutions 2016 - 2017

    Senior Software Engineer

    * Handling various technical aspects like coding of modules using the given design specifications, debugging and fixing the defects as well as analyzing its root cause. * Ensuring that business requirements and functional specifications for the module coded by me are tested and fulfilled before the code is delivered for integration. * Cooperating with other teams across the organization for efficient work progress. * Following the best practices for project support and documentation as set by the peers. * Understanding & mapping client’s requirements/enhancements to the product, implementing solutions that effectively resolve problems or provide improvement.

  • uberDiagnostics 2013 - 2017

    Senior Product Engineer

    * Developed new features for proprietary Android applications used on phones and tablets; worked with developers to develop solutions for the medical-centric market/devices. * Android native application development. * Enhancement in existing android native applications. * Ensure applications are properly integrated with Android APIs. * Participate in fast-paced development cycles; have completed 100% of deadlines ahead of schedule. * Contribute and participate in new feature product specifications. * Expert in the interaction between various devices and versions of Android. * Design and implement services, applications, and frameworks for mobile platforms.