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Project Manager

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I am a master’s degree holder in mechanical engineering, specialized in Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, enriched with extensive project management experience in engineering/design/construction of various residential/ commercial structures for new and retrofit works as well. I have been into the shoes of both client and contractor, creating a lead to my insight of works on both sides of the table, enabling me to drive my subordinates/subject matter experts towards the objective in a worthwhile approach.  

I have been proactive, who has always stepped up to take lead and have delivered enormous multi-tasks in all trades of building services including commercial and contractual advice/decisions leading to massive savings in technical delivery and commercial benefits. From graduate trainee engineer in start of my career, very confidently I have accomplished many prestigious/tight scheduled projects and was recommended for compound challenges in my previous roles.

To develop my professional career, I am presently pursuing Master of Science, specialized in project management from The University of Law Business School, London. Soon in April 2022 after completion of my course, this sandwich of master’s degree in engineering and project management would empower my potential in an advanced methodology.