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Mechanical Engineer experienced with manufacturing projects and engineering solutions, especially in the automotive sector. Passionate about R&D and FEM-simulation analysis to improve the manufacturing processes, metal forming technologies, as well as project management. Willingness to constantly educate oneself further to remain at the cutting edge of technology – a long-life learner.

Expert in international projects and intercultural communication, knowledge acquired from experiences at the University (TU-Dortmund and RWTH Aachen) and in Industry.

Italian (EU-citizen) able to relocate immediately.



  • Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul UFRGS 2019

    Doctor in Engineering

    - Interuniversity exchange doctorate: split-site doctoral program at RWTH Aachen University (2 years), Germany - A doctoral project developed within LdTM - UFRGS (Brazil) and IBF - RWTH Aachen (Germany) institutes - BRAGECRIM Program - \Experimental and numerical evaluation of die cover as a coating in hot forging process\.

  • Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul UFRGS 2013

    Master in Engineering

    - Partial completion of master graduation program at TU Dort­mund University (1 year), Germany - Master dissertation developed within LdTM (UFRGS) and IUL (TU Dortmund) institutes in order to evaluate the process steps and properties during the production of bars for the automotive industry (shafts) - experimental and numerical analysis (Deform - SFTC). -Investigation and improvement of a manufacturing process chain from cold drawing processes to induction hardening.

  • Universidade Federal de Santa Maria UFSM 2010

    Mechanical Engineer

    DEM - Mechanical Engineering Department LASERG - Agricultural Machinery Research and Development Laboratory Welding and Heat Treatment Laboratory Evaluation of planters and equipment for agricultural machinery. Analysis and development for cost reduction and improvement of efficiency. Steel Heat treatment tests to evaluate the influences of an induction furnace. Within the developed studies was possible to evaluate different aspects of the mechanical engineering field, as well as to obtain a Bachelor of Engineering.


  • Self-employed 2020 - Present

    Mechanical Engineer freelancer/consultant

    Mechanical Engineer working as a freelancer for automotive manufacturing companies. Selected Activities: • R&D of the manufacturing process – project parameters and mechanical properties improvement. • Hot-forging analysis and evaluation (20% in material waste reduction using Finite Element Analysis via 2D/3D Deform-SFTC software.) • Identification of low-cost materials and new technologies increasing product efficiency. • 80% tax reduction (tax incentive for R&D and innovation) • Develop skills in performing stress and strain calculations/analysis to industry-recognized theories. • End-to-end project management: support research and development. • Design of experiments (DoE), project analysis, and material selection.

  • Metal Forming Laboratory - LdTM UFRGS, BR 2014 - 2019

    Researcher Ph.D. Student

    Mechanical Engineer working with an international project - Manufacturing Process and Tooling evaluation via experimental and numerical simulation – Surface Engineering Group and Simulation (FEA) Lab. • Hot forging process evaluation within the project “Development and application of metallic masks as a protective coating of forging dies.” - Doctoral Thesis. • Developed a new coating method for hot-forging tools. Elaboration and orientation of engineering projects. • Development and management of projects, technical training, and seminars across multiple scientific methods of analysis.

  • Nuance Communications [Cerence] GmbH – Aachen, DE 2018 - 2018

    Automotive Engineer Analyst

    Native Speaker (PT-BR) Collaborator Jr. reporting to the Head of Automotive AI solutions. • Automotive systems evaluations, annotations, prompt tuning, and localization. • Project reviewer, evaluating design and quality of pronunciation dictionaries in automotive projects; prototype testing of localization systems for leading automotive companies, including software testing. • Improvement of AI solutions for automotive companies (HMI, Multimedia, Service, and autonomous vehicles).

  • Institute of Metal Forming – IBF at RWTH Aachen, DE 2016 - 2018

    PhD Researcher

    Mechanical Engineer specialist - Manufacturing process and FEA reporting to the Head of Forging R&D team and to the Professor of IBF institute. • Experimental and numerical simulation analysis to evaluate a new approach to increase the tool life in the forging process within the Brazil-Germany cooperation project (between LdTM and IBF institutes) entitled: “Evaluation of sheet metal covers to improve tool life in forging” (BRAGECRIM). R&D of a new concept of forging die coating method. International engagement between Brazilian and German universities, to improve hot forging tool life, analysis, and development of process and equipment, materials and calculations required to obtain a final product. • Experimental and numerical evaluation (FEM-simulation using Deform® software) of the hot forging process. The conceptual project, DoE, and tool evaluation. • Project development focusing on reducing production costs, increasing productivity, and reducing maintenance.

  • Institute of Forming Technology and Lightweight Construction -IUL TU-Dortmund, DE 2012 - 2013

    Research and Development Specialist

    Mechanical Engineer - Drawing process evaluation and FEM-simulation analysis reporting to the Head of Bulk Forming Team and the Professor of IUL institute. • Collaborative project (Brazil-Germany) – finite element analysis via 2D/3D simulation, process parameters and material properties investigation, and manufacturing improvement. • Experimental tests – material properties (strain-stress, hardness, tensile), process parameters (tool angle, bar straightening). • International project: “Investigation and improvement of a manufacturing process chain from cold drawing processes to induction hardening”, • Finite Elements Analysis (FEM-simulation via Deform-SFTC software) with distortion sources/inhomogeneities, • Process parameters identification to increase product quality preventing automotive shaft distortions.


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