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Hello everyone!
My name is Vladimir and I work as a Design engineer at Schneider Electric in Moscow. As all of my previous studies related to engineering and especially electrical power engineering, I would say that I am very responsible and always take care of each small detail of a project I am into. Since childhood I keen on learning something new and developing myself in different directions. Despite of the wide range of knowledge in electronics, I have basic knowledge of coding using Python, C, C++, JS, SQL, HTML and CSS.
My hobbies include traveling, self-improving, learning languages, sport.



  • Moscow Aviation Institute 2015-2019

    Bachelor of Power engineering

    Basic subjects• Semiconductor circuit technology • Microprocessor control of power electronics devices • Power electronic controller • Basis of digital devices • Simulation of electronic devices • Resistance of electronic devices • Dealing with laboratory power supply, oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer and soldering iron • Basics of coding with C, C++, MatLab

  • Moscow Aviation Institute 2019-2021

    Master of Power engineering

    Basic subjects:- Modeling of aircraft electrical equipment devices. (using MatLab,Simulink) - Computer-aided design systems - Microprocessor control devices - Methods and means of non-contact protection of power distribution systems (using PSpice, Orcad, Altium Designer, SolidWorks) - Aviation automated electric drive and tracking systems - Static energy converters of aircraft power supply systems


  • Schneider Electric 2019 - Present

    Design Engineer

    Basic responsibilities include:- Working with International projects, cooperating with teammates around the world. - Accountable for investigating and procuring all data required to develop complex designs. - Reviewed and approved mechanical/electrical drawings and customer and product specifications. - involved in the creation of multiple component assembly solutions to envision product concept. - Design low voltage equipment include busducts and transformers. - Prepare accurate layout, detail and assembly drawings and other required documentation. - Technical support of tender and sales managers - Expediting construction site areas for excluding mistakes during equipment design stage - Giving instructions to assembly workersProfessional user of:-AutoCad -CanBrass,CanCad -GStarCad -Enginnering tools such laser measurement LeicaAdditional skills:-Knowledge of IEC standards such as IEC-61439-1. IEC-61439-6 -Expanded knowledge of Microsoft Excel -Fluent technical English -Excellent work time planning using local tools and JIRA -Official permit to work with electrical equipment up to 1000V (III group)