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Lighting Designer

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Experienced Electrical Engineer focused in Lighting Design with over 3 years of experience in various lighting designs and project management and over 5 years of hands-on lighting installation and prototyping experience.
Excellent reputation for resolving problems, improving customer satisfaction and driving overall operational improvements. Well-versed in professional drafting and components review to optimize and improve designs.



  • DIALux Academy 2021

    Expert for Lighting Design

    • Principles of Lighting Technology • Working with Architectural Plans • Analysis of the Project • Lighting Concept • Lighting Design • Overall Planning

  • Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology 2013 - 2016

    Bachelor of Science: Power Generation and Renewables

    • Awarded B.Sc (Hons) • Thesis: Design of high power LED driver • Coursework in:  Renewable Energy Sources 1  Renewable Energy Sources 2  Traditional Power Generation and Distribution Systems  Power Electronics Generic Circuits and Power Supply Applications  Energy Efficient Construction  Introduction to Electric Vehicles  Project Design, Implementation and Evaluation  Electrical and Electronics Principles  Techniques for Engineers

  • Malta Institute of Professional Photography 2019

    Associate of Arts: Photography

    • Dissertation: Through the Lens Panel. • Coursework in:  Camera Controls  Techniques in Practice (Hands on)  Post Processing Programs  Composition in Photography  Working with Portable Flash  Reflective Journal


  • Freelance 2020 - Present

    Lighting Design / Consultant

    • Performed project by project analysis to implement the best lighting solutions. • Identified lighting requirements; area usage, architecture purpose, user psychology and separating into different areas. • Developed lighting strategy per project according to the space area using various lighting methods. • Performed luminaires arrangement according to various aspects of the project. • Performed calculations to determine the total amount of lumens needed per area. • Identifying the best luminaire for the area. • Used AutoCAD and DIALux programs to simulate the project and fix calculated results. • Issued DIALux reports and AutoCAD designs to clients. • Issued electrical plans to clients.

  • Altern Ltd. 2017 - 2020

    Lighting Designer / Project Manager

    • Delivered detailed design/blueprints and planning for lighting projects using AutoCAD and DIALux, and recommended best practices and protocols. While following client specifications and aesthetics. • Rendered technical drawings, lighting drawings and electrical systems specifications according to country standards. • Issues DIALux reports and AutoCAD plans to pitch the project to the client. • Calculated load calculations and created electrical schematics using AutoCAD software. • Independently prepared and modified drawings, specs, calculations and graphs. • Management of bill of material and material procurement. • Managed installation team and subcontractors to consistently meet rigorous customer requirements. • Analysed finished projects to verify compliance with safety, quality and environmental requirements. • Performed in-depth electrical acceptance testing of completed hardware, including lux level reading of luminaire. • Evaluated installed electrical equipment and systems to isolate faults and implement corrective actions. • Delivered detailed as-built documentation while handing over the project to clients.

  • Altern Ltd. 2013 - 2017

    Lighting Technician / Installer

    • Read and interpreted blueprints and job plans, verified measurements and checked site conditions before commencing of works. • Assessed engineering documentation to determine the order of construction operations. • Installed lighting units using hand/power tools and according to Engineer designs. • Elegantly and skilfully connected system wiring and components to achieve both aesthetic and operational targets. • Installation of electrical distribution boxes according to plans. • Calibrated system settings for optimal durability. • Tested system wiring layouts, grounds and terminations to finalize installations. • Met and exceeded customer preferences with high-quality lighting installations matching designs parameters. • Conducted visual inspections and physical tests on previously installed lighting units and systems to identify faults. • Prepared and administered preventative maintenance work orders. • Operated equipment such as forklifts, scissor lifts etc. to move lighting units and personnel into staging positions.


Lighting Design
Project Management
Engineering Drawings
Lighting Installation / Troubleshooting