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Electrified Powertrain Controls Engineer

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Electrified Powertrain Controls Engineer contributing to the development and testing
of complete electrified powertrain in order to meet functional requirements.



  • University of Salento Sept. 2020

    PhD. Graduate

    Joint PhD scolarship in Engineering for complex systems between University of Salento and BOSCH group. DIssertation title: Numerical assessment of the impact of the three-way catalyst on the energy efficiency of a P2 gasoline HEV.

  • University of Salento Apr. 2016

    Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering

    Thesis title: Development of a semi-physical raw NOX emission model for Diesel engine based on in-cylinder pressure signal. Grade 110/110

  • ISUFI May 2013

    ISUFI Bachelor licence

    Thesis title: Simulazione di una microturbina a gas per utilizzo in assetto cogenerativo. Grade 70/70

  • University of Salento Oct 2012

    Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering

    Thesis title: Modellazione di un impianto turbogas rigenerativo per generazione diffusa. Grade 110/110 cum laude


  • Capgemini Engineering 2020 - Present

    Electrified powertrain engineer

    • BEV software validation at high-voltage test-bench

  • Capgemini Engineering 2019 - 2020

    Electrified powertrain engineer

    • Validation of vehicle functional requirements (DVP&R) for plug-in (Renegade/Compass 4xE) as well as full electric (500e) vehicle • First-level analysis on fleet-vehicles issues • Development and validation of V2G pilot-project in FCA plant

  • University of Salento 2016 - 2019

    PhD student

    Joint program University of Salento/BOSCH • Hybrid vehicles management strategies including after-treatment • Modular model for hybrid vehicles simulation • Enhancement of traditional automotive test rig for battery/electric motor testing

  • University of Salento 2014 - 2015

    Intern for Master thesis

    Intern program funded by BOSCH • Diesel engine emissions characterization at test bench • Improvement of emission model