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Mechanical Engineer

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Mechanical Engineer with 15 years of experience having a track record in the Energy, Steel and Medical fields. My hard skills involve hand calculations, 2D/3D CAD design, finite element analysis, simulation and testing.

My greatest strength is my attitude. I always keep looking to improve upon my abilities by continual reading and practice to keep becoming better and better. When difficult situation arises, I thrive finding the best way out from the problem opening my mind and thinking out of the box. I am a high motivated team player, who transmits energy and enthusiasm.

We will relocate to Denmark with my spouse, who is very excited, and my two-year-old daughter, attracted by the Danish high quality of life and modern educational system



  • National Technological University 2015

    Mechanical Engineering

    Mechanical Engineer - Average Grade: 8,38 (Grading scale: 1 to 10)


  • ZYNK 2019 - Present

    Mechanical Engineer (Working as Freelance)

    Engineering Appraisals for the Supreme Court of Justice of the Province of Buenos Aires (SCJBA) I have puzzled out 8 (eight) civil cases involving road accidents within 2 (two) months.Calibration of Mandatory Vehicle Technical Review Plants; National Technological University Teamwork I have accomplished 20 (twenty) lines in total, 10 (ten) calibration workshops in Buenos Aires CityBoiler and Pressure Vessels Inspector, Rating and Re-rating; Professional Registration OPDS (Provincial Organization for Sustainable Development) No. 519 120 MW Foster & Wheeler Fluidized Boiler Internal Inspection accomplished in 7 (seven) days. (Final report included) Inspection and Fitness for Service verification of 6 (six) pressure vessels in a metallurgical workshop in 2 (two) daysAssistant Professor in Application Software for Mechanical Problems; National Technological University I motivate students presenting real cases design works to show 3D design software applicationMedical Equipment and Components Designer 2D and 3D Product development and manufacturing of medical equipment and components connected to the treatment of kidney impairment (dialysis) Project No.1: 2.5 m3/h water reverse osmosis plant Project No.2: Portable water reverse osmosis (Bended aluminum case), using sheet metal environment Project No.3: Portable filters washer machine (Injected Mould Plastic Case)

  • ASSA-SIJAM S.A. 2018 - 2020

    Head of Operations and Engineering

    Company: Industrial Maintenance and Construction Services – 120 employeesPosition: Head of Operation and EngineeringTasks: I was responsible for: Six (6) Maintenance Contracts: Four (4) in Techint Company: Metallic Structures, Overhead Cranes, Elevators & Stackers and Steel Sample Laboratory with a total of eighty (80) people involved. One (1) Contract in Sipar Gerdau: Electric and Mechanic Overhead Cranes Maintenance One (1) Prysmian Group: Electric and Mechanic Overhead Crane Inspection and Maintenance. Erection Works: I was the Project Manager in mechanical equipment assembly works and metallic structure erections. Design Works: I designed and manufactured Special Tools and Components for the contracts and works mentioned above.Competences: Project quotation Project schedule and plan Staff recruitment key performance indicator management (KPI) Layout and equiment selection for the Workshop Work teams management Hire services Technical consultantResults: I maintained and renewed the four existing maintenance contracts (Ternium) I added two new maintenance contracts (Gerdau and Prysmian Group) Erection and short maintenance works accomplished: Tenaris Siderca; Continuous caster electric maintenance during scheduled shut down Tenaris Siderca; Couplings factory mechanic maintenance during scheduled shut down Tenaris Siderca; Girder beams maintenance Ternium Siderar; Basement mill ventilation system assembly Ternium Siderar; 75Tn. Overhead Crane Cockpit Fabrication and Assembly Ternium Laminfer; Thermatool (inductance welding equipment) adjustment and replacement in cold work tube line. Arcellor Mittal; Continuos caster oscillator replacement Arcellor Mittal; Electric furnace and continuos caster components maintenance Arcellor Mittal; Direct coal reduction plant components maintenance Arcellor Mittal; Overhead cranes inspection and maintenance (Navarro Plant) Prysmian Group; Overhead cranes inspection and maintenance

  • Ternium Argentina S.A. 2017 - 2018

    Improvement Engineer

    Flat and long steel products manufacturer- 5240 employees Tasks and Results: Short-term contract where I successfully replace the Continuous Caster Mold Oscillator and carried out the Major Inspection of the Laddle Turret; both tasks were done with the assistance of SMS German technicians, Dirk Mullich and Klauss Hoffmann. (Pictures in Linked in)

  • Thermec S.A. 2016 - 2017

    Design Engineer

    Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning Company – 20 employees Tasks: I calculated the thermal balance of Installations to determine the cooling and heating power, chose the model and type of the equipment, designed and dimensioned the air ducts, to obtain materials take off and made the drawings for the sheet steel bending workshop. I worked with “Variable Refrigerant Flow” (VRF) Technology and Midea brand. Results: I have finished 12 (twelve) construction projects.

  • Forconesi S.A. 2013 - 2016

    Sales Representative

    Steel Mill Products Supplier – 10 employees Tasks: I was the sales representative of the company, I also set prices, controlled Inventories, stocks and made purchase orders. Results: I increment sales from 0,5 to 5 tn per month in a two-year period.

  • The AES Corporation 2007 - 2013

    Assistant Mechanical Engineer

    Electric Power Generation – 900 employees Tasks: I was the Head Maintenance’s Engineer Assistant, I planned and scheduled maintenance activities for the Boiler, Coal Mills, Control Valves, and other equipment. I wrote Technical Specifications and prepared maintenance instructional material and procedures. I made the regular inspections for the Mitsubishi Combined Cycle Heat Recovery Steam Generator, Steinmuller and Tossi Raymond boilers during shutdowns. I oversaw the HRSG Control Valves Maintenance. Results: I have designed and implemented: The Technical Inspection Plan for Mitsubishi Combined Cycle Heat Recovery Steam Generator, (HRSG) and the “In-line” calibration activities of the overpressure valves of the Boilers and Pressure Vessels.