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R&D Engineer

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R&D Engineer experienced in design of thin-walled structures. Broad experience in Structural Engineering, Sheet Metal Forming, Material Science and Training. Focus on applied engineering and knowledge transfer.

Summary work experience

  • Extensive knowledge in leading experimental projects in (aerospace) R&D
  • Enthusiastic user of MATLAB
  • Knowledge of use of composites in Wind and Aerospace industry.
  • Work experience in in Engineering teams dealing with Structural Analysis, Fatigue and Damage Tolerance, Material experimentation for Aircraft Structures (metal and composites).
    In-depth knowledge of Fatigue & Damage Tolerance and Fracture Mechanics of Aircraft Materials and Structures.
  • Research skills in the field of composite material testing, validation and theoretical modelling.
  • Experience of relevant Certification guidelines (GL and DNV guidelines for Wind Turbines).
  • Project management skills, interface with R&D centres.
  • Review- and signatory responsible Structural parts.
  • Experience in lecturing and training advanced courses in Mechanics, Mathematics, Materials.