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Experienced IT professional with proven track record of excellent work ethics Critical problem solving skill, teamwork, communication skills, good learning skills and generating innovative ideas. Having 17+ years exclusive experience in UNIX System Administration in corporate MNCs environment. Providing BAU & RFS Support to customers across the Globe this including AIX/Linux System Admin, Service Delivery, Operation support Management, Project Management etc. My core competency in different flavour of Unix including AIX,PowerVM,PowerHA,LPARS,HMC,LINUX,VMs etc well versed in Remote IT Infrastructure Management,Networking & Systems Administration,Server Patching ,Compliance & Security Management, Computer Forensic Investigation, Annual DR exercise, Storage Migration,Handling P1 issues, Preparation of RCA in case of any major issues.Experienced in Installing Physical Servers & Building of Virtual Server in Offshore Data Center/ Cloud Data Centre Environment.Having good knowledge on shell scripting and recently gathered basic knowledge on Cloud Computing, Blockchain, AI,Python etc. Having good knowledge on Cyber security, Cyber forensic investigation methodologies and compliances. An effective communicator with exceptional relationship management skills with the ability to relate to peopleany level of business and management, translating business requirement into technology solution. A good team player and an excellent negotiator also having excellent presentation skills. Expertise in Server Migration/Transition project. After spending 28+ years in IT Support Industry I have full confidence to handle any critical challenging task in Unix System Admin/IT Service delivery environment.Intel Servers, IBM P-Series Servers,Blade Servers,Prime,PDP11,VAX,IBM S-36 etc, different Office automation equipment Airline Network System like iCot, Ericsson, Raytheon, Banking Hardware like ATM, CASE communications equipment, Video conferencing equipment PictureTel and different type of Dot Matrix Printers,Line printers,Laser printers etc,Kennedy and Cypher Tape drives and different type of storage.CP/M,DOC,WINDOWS(different version),Primos,VAX VMS,O/S-36,Novel Network AIX & HACMP,LINUX .