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Data Scientist

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I’m a Data Scientist at a major financial institution in Latin America and found this opportunity very interesting and aligned with my professional objectives.

I Started my career at the Treasury (proprietary desk) operations team, in which i was responsible for KPI monitoring and automation, before moving into risk management team, in which i spend a great part of my career, before moving into Wealth Management, in which i assumed a position of Digital transformation, which included monitoring the crypto market for our business unit strategic positioning. I then moved into my current position of Data Scientist in Wealth Management Services.

Currently, my interests are in applied data science, that is, how the concepts of data science can be used to enhance existing processes, create new products that wouldn’t be possible without advanced analytics, as well as providing better predictive and prescriptive business analytics.

As an Dual Citizen (Portugal And Brazil) i would be able to exercise professional activities in the EFTA space, without sponsor requirements. While currently based in South America, i would be available for extended periods in Europe if required.




  • Itau Unibanco SA 2019 - Present

    Sr. Data Scientist

    Conduct Statistical Forecasting of Business Unit Expenses Time Series Mentoring Junior Data Scientists -Development of Deep Learning and Machine learning Algorithms Engineering of Business Analytics Hadoop database - Idealization and implementation of Data Monetization initatives in Investment Services - Hadoop Database Engineering

  • Itau Unibanco SA 2011 - 2019

    Sr. Data Processing Analyst

    -Development of Machine Learning Algorithm for automatic routing of Swift messages - Product Owner in Proof-of-Concept of DLT (Blockchain) in Collateral management Process - Development of internal Application for ISDA portfolioreconciliation - Enhancement of OTC (ISDA and GMRA) Markets Collateral Management process, involving SQL Server, VBA and C# - Improvement and automation of the process for valutation and accounting of exotic Fixed Income and Derivatives Operations - Development of automatic KPI monitoring methodology for derivatives operations team


Data Science