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Civil Engineer

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I am a hard worker and quick to learn, with excellent organisational and analytical skills. Although I am by disposition quite and serious, I work well in a team.
My major interests are in construction, renewable energies, energy saving and the relationship between them. During my academic years I tried to be true to this goal and therefore I obtained two BSc in Energy and Civil Engineering, followed by a MSc in Civil Engineering.
My background is supported by a good knowledge of many technical software, moving from structural design (AutoCAD, Revit, Allplan, SAP2000 and CDM Dolmen) and programming (MatLab and NAG Fortran), to the daily usage of the Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Project).
I have a brief experience in the R&D department of a multinational company for household appliances and have successfully completed the releasing process of new white goods within the specified deadline, following them throughout the subsequent stages of design and development.
At present, I am employed as free agent in the civil engineering department of a small architectural and engineering firm. I am currently engaged in the development of several building projects in BIM environment (Revit, Allplan).
However, I am constantly attentive and open to new experiences and challenging opportunities, in Italy or abroad.



  • LIUC University - Castellanza 2020

    Chartered Civil Engineer

    State Professional Examination for being a chartered Civil Engineer. Grade: 48/50

  • Politecnico di Milano 2016

    Master Degree in Civil Engineering

    Thesis entitled: “A small wind energy application in a rural context”. Final Grade: 109/110.

  • Politecnico di Milano 2015

    Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering

    Thesis entitled: “PIV Method for the investigation of the behaviour of clayish soils undergoing traction strains”. Final Grade: 98/110.

  • Politecnico di Milano 2009

    Chartered Junior Industrial Engineer

    State Professional Examination for being a chartered Junior Industrial Engineer. Grade: 90/100

  • Politecnico di Milano 2009

    Bachelor Degree in Energy Engineering

    Thesis entitled: “Technical–Economical appraisals of a scenario for the employment of the nuclear energy” (in collaboration with ENEA Centre, Bologna). Final Grade: 94/110.


  • Studio Associato MPM 2017 - Present

    Civil Engineer

    Free-lance civil engineer assigned to structural computations, preparation of engineering drawings and blueprints, works supervision and on-site surveys of building yards, drafting of technical reports. Development of building projects in BIM environment (Revit, Allplan). Work supervision.

  • Studio Bessega 2017 - 2017

    Civil Engineer

    Internship in civil engineering. Employed as engineering draftsman and as well involved in on-site surveys

  • Whirlpool EMEA 2010 - 2011

    GPD Cooking Engineer

    Forward contract for the development of new cooking appliances. Coordinating role between internal test laboratories and external suppliers for the implementation of releasing projects in accordance with Gantts. Actively involved in the development of new concepts and innovative cooking-appliances.


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