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I am a holder of a Master’s Degree with major in power system Engineering and research on electrical distribution systems grid optimization in Japan. I am also an Electrical engineer, with over Eight (8) years of unique experience, specialized in power distribution grid planning and operations, Electrical power transmission and Distribution, Operations and Maintenance, safety and procurement. I am a highly motivated, diligent, dedicated and result-oriented personality with a passion and reputation for problem-solving and technological innovation and development.


  • University of Virginia, Darden Graduate School of Business Online 2020

    Certificate in Project Management

    ✎Risk Analysis ✎Project Planning ✎Planning ✎Management ✎Project Management 1.How to initiate, define and organize a project 2.How to develop a project plan, including scoping, sequencing tasks, and determining a critical path 3. How to assess, prioritize and manage project risk 4.How to execute projects and use the earned value approach for monitoring and controlling progress

  • University of the Ryukyus 2020

    Masters in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

    1. Power System Analysis and Engineering 2. Power System Optimization 3. Renewable Energy Technologies 4. Mathematical Modelling 5. Intelligent Systems 6. Advanced Modern Control Engineering 7. Electric Machinery 8. Electronic Systems 9.Technical writing and research methods 10. Advanced Signal Processing Systems

  • Institute of Public Administration and Management, University of Sierra Leone 2015

    Certificate of Proficiency in Public Procurement Management

    Public Procurement Processes and Management

  • Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone 2009

    Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

    1.Power Engineer 2. Digital Systems 3. Signal Analysis

  • Sierra Leone Grammar School 2005

    West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE)

    High School certificate in Science and Engineering


  • Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority 2020 - Present

    Operations and Maintenance Manager

    Ensures that the electrical network is operated safely and is well-maintained in order to maximize plant life expectancy and operational efficiency i.e. to maintain voltage levels, minimize technical losses, and ensure maximum availability and acceptable quality of supply to customers. Plans the various operational activities that are executed by the O&M Field Services Department. They monitor and evaluate the work carried out by the Asset Operator and the data received from the field to ensure compliance with equipment design limits, safety rules and regulatory requirements; they make recommendations regarding, and implement modifications to, business processes, work methods, network planning and design with a view to improving overall network performance.

  • Shizen Energy Inc. 2020 - 2020

    Intern Electrical Engineer

    Assessment, design and construction of renewable energy power plants such as Solar, Wind, Hydro with the use of software tools like HelioScope, Global Solar Atlas, SolarGis, Odyssey energy tool, PVSyst, Sunny, SMA design, etc.

  • GPSS Holdings Co., Ltd. 2019 - 2019

    Intern Electrical Engineer

    Renewable Energy power plant installation and operation including wind turbines, solar and geothermal plants

  • Takaoka Toko, Co., Ltd 2018 - 2018

    Intern Electrical Engineer

    Engage in the process of manufacturing Electrical Equipment such as power and distribution transformers, High and Medium-voltage Electrical Switchgears and following Safety and protection practices in the manufacturing processes.

  • Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority 2016 - 2017

    Network Operations Engineer

    1. Ensure operational security of the system. 2. Prepare operational reports for management attention on a daily basis. 3. Maintain up to date information on technicians at all times. 4. Ensure compliance with company standards. 5. Generate network status report. 6. Ensure maximum possible service availability and performance. 7. Fault handling and escalation

  • Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority/National Power Authority 2012 - 2016

    Underground Cables Maintenance Engineer

    1. Prepare work schedule for technicians 2. Administer work and supervise technicians on a daily basis 3. Prepare maintenance schedules and ensure the stability of the system at all times 4. Maintain up to date information on technicians at all times. 5. Ensure compliance with company standards.OTHER DUTIES 6. Provide Electrical system Analysis and support for proposed Expansion 7. Lead root cause failure investigations for electrical equipment-related accidents 8. Provide support to Operational and Maintenance staff in troubleshooting, inspecting, repairs, 9. changes and modifications to electrical systems

  • National Power Authority 2011 - 2012

    Pupil Electrical Engineer (Engineer in Training)

    Underground Cables Maintenance 1. Construction, maintenance/repairs of high and low voltage cables. 2. Termination of high and low voltage cables. 3. Jointing of High and low voltage cables. 4. Fault location and pin-pointing using test van.Overhead Lines Construction and Maintenance 1. Construction, repairs and operation of overhead lines (high and low voltage) 2. Electrical testing of overhead lines including preventive maintenance.Substation Maintenance 1. Carry out routine, preventive and breakdown maintenance on transformers, switch gears and circuit breakers 2. Design of new substations 3. Provide technical support, supervision, installation, and commissioning of distribution transformers. 4. Carry out load studies on transformersPower Generation 1. Report on the day to day operation of the engines. 2. Carry out the day to day operation of the generators. 3. Carry out routine, preventive and breakdown maintenance on the engines.Commercial and Revenue Collection 1. Revenue mobilization for large power users (MDI’s) through workable strategies 2. Collection and update of customer records though available database. 3. Raising of bills for energy supplied and collection of revenue 4. Reconciliation of energy accounts 5. Process application for new customersTechnical Audit 1. Audit the technical and commercial divisions and activities 2. Periodic monitoring of all NPA installations, especially the large commercial, industrial and domestic installations 3. Ensure proper estimation of energy recovery, followed by pricing the energy and imposing penalties for rogues. 4. Tackle all the illegalities including ineffective disconnection, illegal meter installation and illegal reconnections.

  • Sierra Leone Grammar School 2009 - 2011

    Teaching Professional

    1. Teach Mathematics, Physics, Engineering Science and Introductory Technology at all levels 2. Prepare pupils for public examinations 3. Prepare daily register, scheme of work and lesson notes 4. Conduct internal examinations at the end of each term 5. Mark papers, rank pupils according to their performance and recommend their promotion 6. Prepare terminal progress report according to their assessment


Power Systems Engineering
Electrical Distribution System Operations and Maintenance
Renewable Energy
Project Management