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Process Engineer

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I am a 29-year-old Process Engineer, who has been working full-time for an Artificial Leather Production company for the last three years. I also completed an Internship there to complete my first Master’s.

I am a very dynamic and proactive person with a history of problem solving with an unusual creative approach. I love challenges and stepping outside of my comfort zone, mainly because it is a huge opportunity to grow and to improve as a professional, so I really believe in projects that can stimulate and challenge me.

Besides all the characteristics above, I am also a very flexible and adaptable person with no problems working in a constantly changing or highly paced environment. Neither is travelling or being reallocated an issue to me, because I know the right career move at this moment in time is to work abroad.

Finally, my innate curiosity towards languages and new cultures, combined with a natural ability to communicate, will significatively ease my integration into a team.


  • Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto 2018

    Chemical Engineering

    Chemical Engineering Integrated Master\'s with a specialization in Process and Products. This Master\'s curriculum contemplates Pogrammation, Management and Industrial\'s Processes, besides the engineering-bases of Algebra, Mathematics, and Physics.


  • Monteiro Fabrics 2018 - Present

    Process Engineer

    Process Engineer at the production site of Monteiro Fabrics, with my main tasks being: • Preparing and planning the optimization of the production and finishing processes in order to eliminate previously detected problems; • Improvement of the product itself during any step in the industrial production; • Guaranteeing the means to measure and to improve crucial KPIs; • Technical analysis of potential new raw materials and products; • Following the first industrial production of new articles.All of these with a close cooperation with the Commercial, R&D and Quality Departments.