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Electrical Engineer

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  • CYTA HELLAS 2021 - 2015

    Intership(Network And Innovation Department)

    The office team took part in a European-funded program called RERUM(https://ict-rerum.eu/). RERUM will develop, evaluate, and trial an architectural framework for dependable, reliable, and secure networks of heterogeneous smart objects supporting innovative Smart City applications. The framework will be based on the concept of \security and privacy by design\, addressing the most critical factors for the success of Smart City applications. As a team, we received equipment from Zolertia(http://zolertia.io/). The types of equipment were sensors and development boards. We connected the sensors to the development boards and by calibrating them we ensure that they work probably. Afterward, we created a database to monitor the different measures from the sensor.

  • Ch.L.C Electrotechnic 2019 - 2021

    Electrical Engineer

    -Assembly of electrical panels following the instructions of the production manager -Inform the production manager of the projects\' progress -Testing of electrical panels -Correction of electrical drawings on Autocad -Operating a CNC machine to create a label for the electrical panels or other purposes


    Plant Shift Operator

    -Manual data recording -Monitoring plant equipment from various locations of the plant -Sample collection and lab analyses -Operating plant process units and equipment -Carrying out special tasks for improving plant operations