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  • Scuola Superiore Sant\'Anna 2021

    MSc Bionics Engineering

    Bionics engineering is a new frontier of biomedical engineering. Bionics indicates the research area which integrates the most advanced robotics and bioengineering technologies with life sciences, such as medicine and neuroscience, materials science, etc., with the ultimate goal of inventing and deploying a new generation of biomimetic machines, human-centred healthcare and (more generally) assistive technologies.One of the primary goals of the M.Sc. in Bionics Engineering is to challenge a selected core of very highly qualified students that, besides acquiring high-level professional skills, will also foster the progress of the research activities in the bionics field. Graduates in Bionics Engineering will be able to close the innovation loop by both translating the knowledge across application scenarios and transferring scientific insights into market opportunities.

  • University of Pisa 2018

    BSc Biomedical Engineering

    Biomedical Engineering constitutes a new interdisciplinary sector of Science and Technology with regards to both Engineering, Medicine and Biology. The cultural profile of the Biomedical Engineer is based on the knowledge of the methodologies and technologies of Engineering, for the resolution of problems relating to biology and medicine, to encourage safe, correct and economic management of biomedical technology in service bodies and e to operate in various technical, commercial and managerial roles in companies in the sector. The Degree Course aggregates typical engineering skills to apply them in the multifaceted field of Biomedical, to which the most diverse engineering knowledge belongs and finds important synergies.


  • Italian Institute of Technology 2022 - Present

    Robotics Engineer

    ◾️ Assembly and prototyping of humanoid robots ◾️ Development of tests and software for quality assessment ◾️ Teamwork using Agile methodologies (SCRUM) ◾️ Mechatronic troubleshooting and system upgrades ◾️ Maintenance and after-sales support (on-site and off-site)From joint collaboration with Team Code, I was assigned 50% of my time to a project to develop and extend an automated test suite (icub-tests) for new humanoid robots (iCub robots)My responsibilities included analyzing the state of the art regarding the Robot Testing Framework, bugfixes of the icub-tests suite based on YARP middleware, writing new tests in C++ and final deployment based on Docker.