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  • Universidad Simón Bolívar 2023

    MSc Biomedical Engineer

    Currently studying a MSc. degree in biomedical engineering, focusing on signal processing, data analysis and machine learning.

  • Universidad Simón Bolívar 2018

    MSc. Mechanical Engineering, graduated with honors

    Oriented towards the use of numerical methods and computational tools such as ANSYS, Matlab and Python for mechanical simulation in engineering, for example use the finite element method or computational fluid dynamics.

  • Universidad Simón Bolívar 2017

    BSc. Mechanical Engineering Cum Laude

    Highest GPA of my career: 4.757/5


  • Hospital de Clínicas Caracas (HCC) / FUNINDES USB 2020 - 2022

    Reliability engineering consultant

    Consulting project. Project whose goal was to implement a reliability centered maintenance (RCM) strategy in the company. I worked with a team of engineers to produce several technical documents to assist in the management of equipment maintenance. I also developed several VBA applications for administrative activities related to maintenance management.

  • Laboratorios Behrens / FUNINDES USB 2020 - 2020

    VBA developer / reliability engineer consultant

    Consulting project. Project whose goal was to implement a reliability centered maintenance (RCM) strategy in the company. I developed a VBA application that allowed the user to automatically generate work orders and upload the corresponding information once the work was finished.

  • SONRIU Smart 2019 - 2020

    Simulation engineering consultant

    Consulting project at a Start-up In this project I integrated a CAD CAE CAM solution perspective in 3D printing projects, generating a new way to evaluate designs without the need for a physical prototype using finite element analysis with Solidworks. Also, I designed some medical devices using FDM 3D printing technology, including several disposable medical supplies in a reusable manner.

  • Venezolana de Montacargas RAYMOND 2019 - 2019

    Engineering Consultant

    Consulting project. Research project to develop a production strategy for a chemical regeneration process of industrial batteries. I designed the production process according to the specific technical requirements of the chemical process. I also supervised the project during the first stages of its implementation.

  • Universidad Simón Bolívar 2021 - Present

    Lecturer Ad Honorem

    Taught courses in mechanics of materials and maintenance management/reliability.

  • Universidad Simón Bolívar 2017 - 2018

    Academic assistant

    Supervised laboratory practices of mechanical vibrations and machine dynamics for 4th year mechanical engineering students.