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Electronic Engineer

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  • Synopsys Inc. 2018 - Present

    Senior Applications Engineer

    Product Verification for industry leading Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools. Responsible for the quality of new features. Functionality and performance testing for new features. Manage monthly patch deliveries to the customers. Support customers on their queries. Develop automations/new methods for regressions. Use actual customer designs to benchmark the tool functionality. Manage a team of five engineers.

  • Sri Lanka Air Force 2016 - 2018

    Electronic Engineer

    Development and integration of light weight camera payload for the UAV system. Carry out the research for developing the next generation auto pilot system for the UAV. Troubleshoot and maintain the operational autopilot system. Provide engineering assistance on development of tracking antenna controller for long range communication. Modify and system integration of the intercom system for the ground control station of the UAV system. Provide engineering assistance to the technical team for the UAV system development. Prepare specification documents for procurement of electronic and telecommunication equipment.