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  • St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University 2003

    PhD in Technical Sciences

    Postgraduate course: Marine Information Systems. Defense of a thesis in 2006.

  • St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University 2000

    Master degree

    Marine Engineering: Robot and Robot Systems


  • Concern AVRORA Scientific and Production Association JSC 2001 - 2022

    Leading research scientist

    Career development: February 2001 – June 2002 Engineer Developed and used of test software-hardware solutions for tuning and testing control systems, namely analyzed and selected of hardware, assembled, set up and tuned hardware part of software-hardware solutions. July 2002 – January 2004 Software Engineer 3 category February 2004 – June 2008 Software Engineer 2 category In addition to the above, I researched of control objects dynamics, created simulation models in LabView and C++, tuned entire software-hardware solutions, participate in installation and testing of control systems by means of these solutions and in presentation the control systems to the Customer. July 2008 – May 2010 Head of the Laboratory June 2010 – February 2011 Head of the Independent Laboratory In addition to the above, I was running the Lab, composed of qualified specialists such as Leading engineers, Software engineers, Chief designers and Scientist fellows. The Lab developed and created software-hardware solutions and control systems of control objects and technical facilities. Under my leadership, several control systems and dozens of test hardware-software solutions were created and used by the Customer and at the company\'s stands. March 2011 – March 2012 Chief designer April 2012 – May 2014 Senior research scientist Changed my department and continued to engage in the same activities that were mentioned above, but already independently and not only in Russia, but also abroad. June 2012 – October 2022 Leading research scientist Became a company representative on shipyard and affiliate in India. My duties were: – running of a PCB and modules repair laboratory, consisting of local engineers; – initial setting up and tuning test equipment, that were provided by parent company; – training of the Lab personal of working with these test equipment; – correction documentation for these equipment and sometimes totally rewriting it; – guidelines about procurement of new equipment, instruments and tools for the Lab; – communication with Indian Customer and finding solutions when some questions or claims arise; – providing communication between the Lab and parent company when technical questions arise; – coordination of a service group for the maintenance onboard control systems, consisting of local engineers; – providing training and consultations of the service group. As a company representative, I also dealt with the following issues: – set up and tuned test equipment at various stands in India, implemented diagnostics of these equipment, found malfunctions and repaired the equipment if possible; – conducted an inspection and examination of control systems on board before transferring objects for repair; – carried out diagnostics and, if possible, eliminated malfunctions of control systems on board.I created simulation models of such control objects as various ship diesel engines, ship diesel generators, gas turbine engines, technical facilities of general ship systems, etc. There were designed different versions of test software-hardware solutions: stationary stand versions and mobile ones, which allowed using them onboard. Mainly the hardware of Advantech and National Instruments were used. I developed the way of the most effective structuring of software for software-hardware solutions. Unification was implemented for simplifying development of software for new software-hardware solutions and for increasing repairability of the solutions. These and other innovations were published in my more than 20 scientific articles. Dozens control systems have been successfully commissioned by means my test software-hardware solutions and are still in operation at objects in Russia and abroad. Some of my test software-hardware solutions, containing my simulation models, are still used to set up control systems on stands.

  • St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University 2000 - 2014

    Associate professor

    Career development: September 2000 – August 2001 Teaching assistant Conducted workshops on Hydrophysical Fields. September 2001 – September 2007 Senior teacher In addition to the above, I taught MatLab basics of programming, consulted and supervised of thesis. October 2007 – August 2014 Associate professor In addition to the above, I taught LabVIEW basics of programming and delivered lectures on Automatics. I was engaged in R&D activities within faculty programs and in patenting works of inventions, also published scientific articles. Under my tutorage dozens of students successfully graduated from the University.

  • LEMZ-Resource LLC 2000 - 2000

    Electronic engineer

    Supervised the tuning of electric devices. Submitted of finished products to QC Department and Weights and Measures Department representatives. Finished products were successfully commissioning strictly within the established deadlines.


Test and tune of control systems
Test software-hardware solutions creation
Checking and diagnosis of control systems
Installation and setting up of control systems
Simulation models creation