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In order to continue the development of your company, we offer the possibility for your business to get first access to talents with an academic background from the most reputable universities in Europe – this includes talents finalizing their Master’s thesis or PhD program, who are looking for internships or taking their first carrier step, as well as talents with a few or more years of experience looking for the next job opportunity within their respective field of expertise.

Screened candidates

All talents uploaded in the database have been qualified through a number of personal, academic and recruitment professional parameters, including:


  • They have filled in a form, thoroughly listing their education and academic background, their practical skills and their technical experience etc.;
  • They have passed a behavioral assessment;
  • They held a detailed interview with one of our experienced regional partners;
  • They have expressed a firm interest in a (new) job abroad.

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About us

The European high technology companies within robotics, automation, electronics and IT software are a major factor in the European economy. The sector is growing rapidly, but the lack of qualified engineers is hampering growth opportunities. The idea behind Bright-Minded is to develop a tool that enables these companies to efficiently recruit qualified candidates, in their own country as well as abroad, among experienced and newly graduated engineers from the best universities and higher education institutions in Europe.

With a substantial experience in solving international headhunting tasks and business development on has also gained a comprehensive cultural understanding.

The people behind Bright-Minded are very experienced headhunters, who have gained extensive experience with cross-border search & headhunting, onboarding, testing and assessment of candidates as well as other recruitment tasks. They have got many years of professional experience, and at the same they possess an innovative approach to running the company including development of new solutions to known issues among their customers.

The people behind Bright-Minded are very concerned about and committed to solving the major challenges facing the world community as of today, why one proactively supports the 17 goals of the UN.


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