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You are always welcome to contact any one of the Regional Partners by mail or phone (look under ”About us”)

You are always welcome to contact one of our Regional partner (see above)- and moreover, all company representatives that sign-up will receive the ”How to go about” file, which is a guide that takes you through all the steps of recruiting a candidate from abroad.

You are always welcome to contact the Regional Partner responsible for signing up the candidate in question if you have addidtion questions on him/her.

Yes, at an additional cost the Regional Partner can offer you to carry out extra recruitment activities on a candidate such as obtaining references from previous employers, check on details from a University etc..

No, your registration on the portal is anonymous and so the candidates registered on the portal will not know about you being signed-up on the portal before you click on his / her profile.

As a company or company representative you can at any time suspend your subscriction to the Bright-Minded portal or delete your profile.


You can write or call one of the regional partners ( see under about)

No, in order for the company to find out about your identity, they will have to click on your Bright-Minded profile to invite you to a dialogue. And only if you accept this invitation the company will get access to your name, contact details and photo.

Nothing, you will remain listed on the portal for another company to click on you.

You can find more information about living conditions under ”Company Profiles”, which you will find on the page ”About Us”.

You can always get access to your profile and to changing the information/data, which you have registered in there yourself.

You enter your Bright-Minded profile and de-activate it. Once you are ready to be approached again, you simply re-activate your profile.

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