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We, at Bright-Minded know that in Pandemic times, in the case of remote online work, success depends on people’s behavioral preferences or innate tendency to act. Behavior is what makes the difference between success and failure. For this reason, using artificial intelligence and applying knowledge in the field of neuroscience and sociology, we have developed a tool for neurobehavioral assessment. This tool allows us to offer you the most behaviorally appropriate profiles with the service tasks that must be solved and to assume the risk of granting you a replacement guarantee for the proposed candidates. 

B-M, offers you individually evaluated engineering talent when you need it, as long as you need it, backed by our 100% risk-free replacement guarantee. Our mission is to help companies and individuals hire technologically skilled freelancers without the headaches of recruiting, without the risks of making a wrong decision.

Based on individual assessments, we can help companies create the perfect team for each project, every time.

We offer behaviorally evaluated profiles. We strive to close almost every field of technological activity and every popular technology.

You will access our database immediately after registration and you will find profiles evaluated and verified in record time after contacting us to discuss your needs.

As a freelancer, you have to introduce yourself and what you love to do to potential customers. We, at Bright-Minded know that if you do what you love, you are doing it at the highest level, so no doubt of your performance. Behavior is what makes the difference between success and failure. You may know what you really enjoy doing. Bright-Minded will support you even more by helping you create your unique profile matching your behavioral preferences with companies’ behavioral requirements for their projects. B-M tool allows us to offer you the most behaviorally appropriate project for you.

B-M provides you that project that really fits you from behavioral and technical perspectives and also considers other essential aspects like cultural values, your specific needs as an individual, benefits & compensations, etc. At the same time you will have the freedom to choose, maintaining your privacy, and having a single contact point.

Your behavioral assessment is the right passport that allows you access and unlocks new opportunities offered by B-M’s customers.

You will play THAT ROLE that represents YOU and be part of the project that enhances your skills every time.

After 12 minutes of evaluation, you will definitively gain more insights about yourself, so why not? It is for YOU. We will help you create your account and be visible for companies in record time.

Transform your job description into behavioral requirements

Discover Your Behavioral Preferences and Find Out More What You Love Doing

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