Cloud Software Engineer

posted 2 weeks ago

Job Description

As a Cloud Software Developer, you will be placed in one of our cross-cutting teams with responsibility for developing state of the art deployment and maintenance structures for all of our different robot platforms.

  • You should be able to work in a team of people with various backgrounds and cultures. You are able and willing to work with the team to ensure the best possible solutions.
  • Relevant technical education (eg. Bachelor or Master of Computer Science), or if you are a graduate, then a documented portfolio of your work (Github, Bitbucket etc)
  • Longer working experience with programming. We use node.js / Javascript / react / CSS3 / HTML5
  • Experience with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI and CD)
  • Experience with different design- and deployment patterns
  • Proficient English, as this is the company language
  • An opinion on various software concepts and patterns, as for instance the SOLID principles, TDD, BDD and Clean code.
  • Good and solid understanding of microservices and cloud computing is a must have
  • Great if you have knowledge of cassandra, vernemq, ionic, electron and the mqtt protocol.
  • Great if you have experience with some UI work and node.js / Javascript
  • Great if you have worked in a product development environment
  • Have experience with maintaining and continued development on a continuously evolving product


The responsibilities of this position are:

  • Extending, maintaining and upgrading our cloud software infrastructure
  • Building microservices on our cloud platform
  • Keeping and/or raising the code quality, by ensuring the usage of best practices and well proven patterns