Senior Robotics Developer for Blue Ocean Robotics

Job Description

As a Senior Robotics Developer in Blue Ocean Robotics, you will have a unique opportunity to create and develop amazing robots that affect people’s working habits, especially in a world with Covid-19. You will be responsible for a number of activities in our robotics development project and will be part of the team that provides solutions to all kinds of challenges in the field of autonomous mobile robots.

You will be part of a strong cross functional development department and a team of skilled robotics developers with the responsibility to develop, maintain and support our Autonomous Service Robots, serving disinfection, remote presence or health care sectors. You will work on projects together with multidisciplinary project engineers, with project team skills consisting of full stack to UX/UI, mechanical and hardware and autonomy. In addition, you will develop trusted relationships and insight both upstream and downstream. We work very closely with our production, sales, support, end users, as well as our suppliers.


Your profile

We expect min. 5 years of experience and a proven track record with developing mobile autonomous robots or vehicles. You will be responsible for the design, development, deployment and support of our service robots.robots.


Your experiences and competencies:

  • Robotics architecture and design
  • Develop robotics software and integration (Full stack)Develop robotic navigation software
  • Develop robot cognition and behavior tree systems
  • Develop robot safety systems
  • Develop or/and specify requirements for perception, exploration, coverage etc.
  • Debug and mature robotic systems based on testing and market feedback
  • Building, testing, debugging and maturing robot prototypes
  • Support of the robot deployments and customer installed robots
  • Support and mentoring of other developers

As a Senior Robotics Developer, you appreciate well structured code, written with a strong mindset of good agile architecture principles. You like Agile development mindset and prefer working in a fast paced, but als well structured environment. You have an opinion about what easy readable code means and what matters both when the code is initially written, but also when it needs to be maintained over time. Your vocabulary spans both relevant technologies, but also architecture related terms like the SOLID principles and Clean Code..

As a person you are self propelled, getting-things-done oriented, systematic, analytical but yet pragmatic, and you are not afraid of challenging targets and KPIs. You are data focussed and documentation and digitally oriented with a strong ability to manage everyday challenges in a robot venture factory, which is one of a kind in the world.

We can offer a job in an expanding company, that combines technological knowhow, modern methodologies and intuitive solutions with practical value creation in an international environment with colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers from a large part of the world.

The candidate will work in our HQ in Odense.