invitation to Bright-Minded!

Dear Partners, 

We know that social distance, self-isolation, and work from home have become the new normal, and recruitment and employment, at this time and probably after, comes with its own challenges. Bright-Minded responds to the need for rapid recruitment through innovative service, in trend with the latest neuroscience researches.

At Bright-Minded:

    • we have developed the tool for neurobehavioral profiling of the job
    • we have developed the tool of neurobehavioral matching of the candidate with the job
    • we created and developed a database with essential information in the selection for each candidate
    • we accelerated the selection time for companies due to the pre-evaluation of candidates
    • we can always offer the most suitable candidate for high-tech companies in Robotics, Automation, Software & Hardware Development, etc.

Our partners will rely on reliable recommendations based on agile evaluation solutions to support proper employment, knowing how many adverse effects an error can generate. 

Recruitment strategies have changed 180 degrees lately. Currently, the focus is no longer on passive candidates waiting for a winning move but on active or fantastic candidates available on the market due to extreme circumstances. 

For companies, capturing these candidates and redistributing them is now the winning strategy. We identify these people, and as a recruiter, we help them navigate the market and guide them with the only purpose of making the perfect in our partners’ direction.

welcome to register as a COMPANY!

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