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Who Is a Regional Partner?

The Regional Partner is the primary contact person for candidates and companies that are registered on Bright-Minded Portal or are interested in exploring the opportunities.

To join us, you ought to: 

Definitively you are independent and self-motivated, outgoing and persuasive, good at achieving “win-win” solutions, focused on the overall picture while getting insights with accuracy, keen on quality, and, not least, you are a good networker. 

What Is the Regional Partner’s Role?

The flexibility of the Bright-Minded concept allows you can become a local partner having a background either as a professional technical recruiter (IT or engineering) either as a business developer or as a marketing specialist. 

Your fundamental roles will be to:

Bright-Minded Regional Partners are also in a position in which they can offer additional services to Candidates and Companies accordingly to their expertise based on particular requirements.

We partner exclusively with fully remote consultants, that work from their preferred location.

Your working hours are flexible, meaning you determine yourself when you want to work. However, we recommend that you come up with a workday schedule and stick to it to have a healthy work-life balance.

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