behind the scenes at bright-minded

About Us

Our Mission

Bright-Minded aims to be a dynamic recruitment and selection tool that enables high-tech companies to effectively recruit candidates abroad via an online database, cost-effective, and ease of use.

It employs real-time job matching and professional evaluation to help high-tech companies and highly specialized candidates to fulfill their professional goals.

Our Vision

The vision of Bright-Minded is to create a Portal used by European high-tech companies as the ultimate tool for recruiting experienced and newly trained specialists from all over the world.


Our vision is to bring Bright-Minded to a global level, enabling companies from across the globe to employ talent from any country, to spread knowledge and progress.

The Perfect Job Match

We define the perfect job match as the right fit between the candidate’s skills, values, and wishes and the company’s job requirements, values, and compensations and benefits offer so that together they will maximize each other’s potential. 

As a company, you should be aware, as to which are the technical skills needed for the position or project at hand – but also, what sort of behavioral competencies you are looking for! 

As a candidate, it is essential that you register all the information about your professional background and goals for your next job abroad for the accuracy of the matching process. 

The more details you include in your description, the easier it will be to find your perfect job match!

With a Human Touch

A perfect job match is not only about hard skills, but also soft skills. Despite a good fit from the technical point of view, Bright-Minded recognizes that it is equally important that a company and an employee develop a harmonious relationship by sharing similar values and objectives. 

Talking to the candidates and ensuring the high quality of the screening process, we secure the candidates’ fundamental soft skills. In essence, they are ready to explore new challenges abroad, open communication, and flexibility. 

All candidates must update their Bright-Minded profile once every quarter, to confirm their motivation. 

We know that if you are passionate about your doing, you will go lengths to achieve it and you will always perform to the best of your abilities.

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